4757joshua2 vs. Leon

Discussion in 'Battles : Ready to Rumble' started by 4757joshua2, Dec 7, 2008.

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  1. I think my problem is that I've never seen any one but me do FFS. ( I learned from a book.) Mr. Kenner harped on how smooth it should be, but said little about the speed. So now that I know that it should be faster I'll get it up to lightning speed!

    I'll go check that thread out now G.
  2. kinda choppy and too slow for the (majority of) the worlds taste.
    I beg to differ on smoothness.

    Leon's was, by far, the smooth one.
    packets aren't square?! no **** sherlock.... theyre ****ing rectangles....
    just jokin' =P

    I'm going to have to half agree, half disagree.
  3. True true.

    But this is a battle of skill, NOT a battle of concept. :|

    If it were a battle of concept, hell, I would have just done a swing cut. Many 2 handed cuts also use the swing cut. :|

    I think you are looking at the wrong picture here.
  4. Actually, I didn't make any stipulation in the rules. So you can judge it on everything, or just one little detail.
  5. Leon pwned but I gotta say I was expecting more :( Maybe he didnt want to kick his ass that much xD

    My vote went for Leon xD
  6. I'm so damn confused =(

    Why I think Leon kicked major ass, his performance was creative, smooth, and just, plain awesome.

    While Josh's, was just a normal taking cards out of the box(with one hand), than a sybil, while their are plenty of videos if openings and sybils, while Leon is the only one I have seen perform this move, that elegant and smooth, and just damn awesome.

    Also, are you really serious?
  7. I didn't think Joshua was "pwned", but I do think Leon won this battle. Neither one was horribly by any means- I just preferred Leon's.
  8. Voting period is so long :(
  9. Epic thread is epic.
  10. It takes a little while after a battle is over for your points to be changed, so your gonna have to wait any way.
  11. I could care less about the points.
  12. Why are people making this battle a big deal?
  13. ^^ I think the reason this is a big deal is because one guy who did a move that everyone has seen done hundreds of time, and be cocky, while the other video is a smooth performance of a creative move. But again, just my opinion.
  14. Says who? |:
  15. Says the little number at the bottom of the page: "8" friggin' pages? Of an endless argument on who has a better move form such a small video? And the first 3 pages are just hyping.

    Talk about it.

  16. Now I can finally say...

  17. Time for more hyping!

    The battle ends in two short hours, be there!
  18. Looks like I owned ^^
  19. You owned indeed.
  20. Good job Leon!

    All PM that "gift" to you some time tomorrow. :D

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