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Discussion in 'Battles : Ready to Rumble' started by 4757joshua2, Dec 7, 2008.

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  1. Why do you say I'm arrogant?
  2. Go back to page 1 and start reading your own posts. You'll see.
  3. By acting like you've been flourishing forever?
  4. Leon pwned. Why? Because his flourish was original, fast and smooth. You just did a five faces of sybil that was slow. IT not that it's an old move just you did a noob performance.
  5. i didn't vote for leon because you used an old move i love FFS i do it like every day but if think that i am going to vote for you when you said this was about style and creativity your wrong.

    yes a FFS is stylish but you did not even make it very stylish you did it plain as day no flare or anything.

    and using an FFS is not creative at all you didn't create it you didn't change it to look better or anything.

    saying i am addicted to the latest thing is a very arragant post, in these kinds of things i don't want to see something that is in every damn video i want something new or something i haven't seen in a while like 00.327.0000 not a damn syble.

    there is that a better answer
  6. all this "you are arrogant" "no Im not" "yes you are" discussion is just a joke or are you guys really saying it serious?
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    No, I just did a good ol' classic in Card Manipulation. If I did have an "awesome" move it would be Jackson Five. Not because it's better, in fact I like mine better, but it seems so popular...

    All I'm saying is that I like FFS better. (I prefer more simple moves.) But, other people tend to like more complicated stuff. Thus I would want to do that in order to win. I don't see how this would seem arrogant, or how this would seem like I have been flourishing forever. I sure didn't mean it that way...

    If I did do FFS then I should get BIG points for not going with a more modern move, Leon fans pray that Leon has done an original move, or that I'm not doing FFS!

    Like I said, I like FFS a lot. Also, it is obvious that I am kidding here thanks to the ! mark. I am rarely speaking seriously if I am typing in a "loud" fashion. I'm sorry if it seemed like I was trying to put you down or anything.

    Also, I don't just do a move, I do a deck production, and a one handed open and discard of the box, and then the move, so bonus "style" points for me.

    I don't see how this is arrogant. I'm dead serious that I think that what I did was stylish.

    Who doesn't like FFS? Actually I didn't care for his move. It looked just like one of those D&D molecules.

    Well, I didn't like your move that much. Maybe I could have been a bit nicer about it, but I refuse to sugar coat everything I say. If you want to go off and get offended over something like that then it's your problem not mine.

    So, you voted for Leon because I used an old move? Wow, if you voted for Leon because you though mine didn't look as good, or I did a bad job, or even because you though his music was better would have been a better reason for voting against me. "everyone has seen it"! Horse hockey! How addicted to the latest thing can you get?

    Once again, I'm not going to sugar coat what I say. No one else in this thread does.

    Leon kicked you ***!

    Leon is going to kick your ***!

    i do your probably going to do something stupid like a chalier

    "But this battle pushes us to be creative." my ***

    We all need a better laugh than the one we got today

    Most of you are, by far, more arrogant and rude than me.

    Anyway, I did not mean to sound arrogant or rude, if I have offended anyone I offer my sincerest apology's.
  8. We're serious :p

    May the best man win!

  9. Then please say that instead of "FFS is old" next time.
  10. Really? I thought it was pretty fast. I'll make sure to get it faster! Thank you for your imput.
  11. Anytime man ^^

    Oh, and apology accepted. =)
  12. well, Im not into flourishing, But I actually think that his Flourish was nice, and I don't say that because of the speed, It was rather because of the smoothnessof the flourish...

    Besides I actually liked the style ad the "production" of the deck, and you actually said sorry for your earlier posts... joshua, you have my vote...

    (althought I still think that leon is better than joshua in flourishing, I just liked joshua's that's all)

    Have a nice day everyone.
  13. well that just makes me sound evil that was clearly a joke hence the smilie face at the end of the post.

    i never said it was old
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    You just don't know to quit when you're behind, do you?
  15. Sure thing.
  16. Oh he is, I only know FFS and SR #2 :)
  17. leon's looked like the corkscrew closer just came back from being laid..

    while josh did a sybil...

    im very tempted to download leons, slow it down, and learn it! :D

    i didn't vote because to be honest i dont think i need to.

  18. Your performance wasn't that good , My votes goes to Leon.
  19. What do you think was wrong with it?
  20. Alrightey

    There was nothing wrong with either performance, they were both very well performed. Now,

    Your performance was very good. The music was firm, the cuts were not the fastest but they did maintain a good stable speed throughout, and that's what counts. It was a smooth performance of an age old classic. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

    I liked yours becuase it was original. It reminded me of corkscrew closer and a little bit of one of Dan and Dave's cuts, but it was nonetheless original and flowy. THe perofmrance of it, however, could have a litle more control. If I have to be strict, i'd say the packets weren't square enough throughout.

    Now about the argument, Joshua, you are one cocky guy, but I respect you fo the guts you have to stand up here, it can be quite the pickle down here. Leon, you seem to have a neutral stance. However, I must say a lot of you are real girls here (I say this even thought I love girls): Some of the comments here are too disrespectful. It's a voting procedure, not a 'laugh at the boy who is a little cocky' procedure. If you feel the need to express your vote, then do so in a civilized manner, tell people where they can improve.

    Now, I know Joshua sometimes acts like a Mod, but ther eis really no need to be disrespectful to him when he has clearly performed five faces of sybil well.

    To those of you who say "you just performed an old FFS"

    without the FFS, think of how many flourishes you take for granted wouldn't be here.

    So lets keep the comments respectful and helpful - and lets shift our attention to our battle, me and Ace to z Magic's down the forum. 100 views and 1 comment? Really?

    So much complaint about hyping of effects, and then when two people make a single move - the world goes stops.

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