5 Speed?

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  1. is 5 speed worth the 13 bucks?
  2. which is better would you say 5 speed or missing link?
  3. They are both GREAT effects. Honestly. Get both.
  4. Get Kenner's book, both effects plus plenty more awesomeness within.
  5. It's hard to understand from his book.
  6. If you're purely a card man get 5 speed, it's just so cool. Missing link is great too though. It was worth $13 to me, but that's me.

    Just watch the preview again and put any gueesing of the method and or the complexity of the trick out of your mind. Seriously, now go watch it. Now!

    Would you pay $13 to be able to show your mates that/perform that professionally? I think we all know the answer to that :D

    And if you have a chance in the future, pick up Kenners "Totally Out of Control."
  7. I have neither but I plan on getting Missing link, I think there are much better effects than 5 speed though
  8. K well i usually dont post in this section but i must tell you, 5 speed is a killer, KILLER effect.

    I havent attempted mising link, to bulky, to much chance of error

    5 speed is by far my new favorite effect, because you look like youve failed, messed up, and youve moved on, only to slap the spec in the face when you reveal their card at the end.
    Nothing is stronger than this, trust me
  9. 5 Speed is very very worth it. It's one of the few tricks that I find extremely easy yet shocking and effective. The final change really catches people off guard.
  10. If you haven't already seen it, and are still debating whether or not to get this... read my review!

  11. the chance of error pretty much diminishes to zero once u get use to it, also the small setup required is non-existant if you follow kenner's sudjestion.

    if you are into rubber bands, this is pretty cool stuff.
  12. Like stated earlier, if you use cards a lot, definently get 5 speed. I just got it myself and it is very good. Its sorta like this and that cards on steroids (only sorta) I would say 5 speed when it comes down to the wire.
  13. 5 speed is definitly worth the money. Its a great trick. However, my only complaint is that one of the sleight he teaches is not the same as the one he uses in the video clip. One of the main reasons i bought the trick was when i saw Chris Kenner dribble the deck ,stop at a selection, then placed the pack of cards right back on top of the deck, and immediatly have a "spectator" shuffle the deck seemed very fair. To me the video clip is alittle misleading because its different in the explainations, but overall its a very powerful trick. I love the trick and i've gotten great reactions from it.
  14. It's definitely worth it, it's by far my favorite card trick to do now.

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