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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by blakehensley, Feb 3, 2019.

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  1. So, I might get yelled at for bringing this up. But it's easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.

    I'm sure most, if not all, of us know about the 52 club. How Madison was part of it and now he's branching off and making his own "Madisonist" club because he didn't really like where the club was going. My question really is what do you guys think about it? I know Madison's club is like a "teaching arena" if you will. And honestly, it looks cool. I might join cause it seems like you'd get a lot of materla and knowledge from it. But it also looks like Madison is trying anyway to get money. (Can't knock him for that, a man's gotta eat and feed his family) but yeah. It seems like the 52 Club is a lot more secretive than Madison's own "Madisonist". When he was explaining his club, he made it seem like it'd be like the 52. But I really don't think so. I think he's mainly doing it for the money.

    Anyway, I thought I'd throw the question out there.

    Also, I worded the title as "52v9ofC" cause to younger inexperienced magicians/ people that don't know or dont need to know probably won't click on this thread.
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  2. Hey Blake,

    One is a paid membership one is an invitation.

    Both seem a little overhyped.

    Neither really matter. Just do what you love and keep learning, you won’t need memberships for that.

  3. I totally agree with that. My bad, I wasn't trying to come off as a "Which should I join?" kind of thread. I guess I was just asking what you guys thought about the clubs, the ideas of them, etc. I would be lying if I said that I don't think it would be cool to be part of some "secret" magicians club. But I didn't know if there were maybe some back stories on the two clubs. I like your take on it though, man. I was actually gonna join Madison's club.. But now that you say that, I don't think I'm going to. I'm gonna spend my money on other books, materials, etc. I want to do my own thing. Pave my own path. I want to be my own leader, not follow behind someone else.

    I appreciate that a lot, man.
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  4. Not at all mate, do as you please.

    As for the clubs. One is a group of great card magicians who celebrate their greatness with a card tattooed on a finger. I’m sure they communicate regularly etc but it’s really just a way of a collective group saying “you’re committed, focused and damn good, we are a group of that”

    The other is a membership that you pay for and in return you get some stuff and a chance to buy cards etc.

    I’d rather just do what I’m doing, reading, asking others, practicing almost constantly.

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  5. Well, to be honest, the age of clubs and exclusive societies is fading away quickly. Most of it is because of the internet. When it comes to material, right now almost all of the main books and videos can be purchased through the internet for anyone who has the ability. And when it comes to hanging out with other magicians and getting advice, well, this is what places like theory11 or magic cafe are meant for. Not to mention that you dont need to pay a monthly fee to use them.
    I don’t deny the fact that they were useful at their own times, and as you said, how cool it is to be part of a secret society, but at this day and age you probably won’t exactly need to be part of such thing. There are much better ways to spend your money on.
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  6. i have no dog in the fight and did"t even know about 52C...so i'll hang my hat here and be happy learning.
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  7. I agree with that. And I am kind of mad at myself for even comparing the two. Madison's "MADISONIST" Is a "club" that you can buy your way into. To be honest, I think that is why he is doing it. Ian Frisch has his new book coming, Magic Is Dead and there is some hype on this 52 Club and what not. Obviously Ian is in it, Xavier Spade, Chris Ramsay, etc. All that group of guys is in it. Also, Madison used to or still is in it? I am not certain on that fact. But he did say in one of his videos on youtube, that he didn't like the direction that the 52 Club was headed so he wanted to branch off and do his thing. He is asking anyone that feels the way about magic and playing cards to go and get a 9 of clubs tattooed on them, then they would be in this club. Well, come to find out it is a paid membership. There are 3 levels. 5 dollars a month, 17 per month, and of course the ultimate part of the club.. 30 plus per month. So you can just pay and be in this "club". I am just kind of bummed because Madison used to and still to this day has been an inspiration to me. When he was hyping the club up on YouTube, he said "If you feel about cards the way I do, etc etc. Go get this tattoo and you will be with me in this family." Blah blah blahh. Not mentioning at all that it was basically just a "teaching arena" that you pay for monthly. Do I think it sounds like a good idea? Absolutely. But I have heard Madison is not the best when it comes to customer service. And in the 30/month club you supposedly get to skype with him, get a personal "MADISONIST" phone number to contact him on, and all this other cool shit that sounds cool but I don't really think will happen. Mow, the 52 club? I would join them if I ever got the invitation. That means that you have worked your ass off as a magician, paved a road and business for yourself, and made an actual name for yourself as a magician. I think that would be awesome. Like you said, magic clubs are dying. I agree. IBM and all of those clubs are because of the internet. But I firmly believe that the 52 Club will stay forever. I feel like it is different than the IBM and local magic clubs. But anyway, back to Madison. I feel like the 52 Club has gained some recognition in the magic community especially with Ian Frisch's book coming out. So I feel like Madison is taking advantage of that. You got these younger newer magicians with a year, a two, and maybe even 5 years thinking that it would be cool to be in the 52 club. But they see Madison with his "club" and join that and waste their money. They don't have 15 years of experience or however long into this to see that type of stuff like I do, and I am assuming you guys do as well.

    Haha I am sorry. Am I making sense? It is late. I have work in the morning. I need sleep. But I still had all of this in my head.

    So, I guess my question is. Is Madison taking advantage of younger magicians and the fact that the 52 club has kind of been outed?
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  8. From the sound of it, both clubs are pure hype designed for self promotion of those that formed it.

    If you can find out about it on the internet, it isn't secret.

    Here is the key to find out if you are part of a truly secret magic club... you know the Denny's late night menu by heart. I've probably said too much.
  9. I started to practice magic about 15 years ago and I was a member of various sites to discuss magic ask and answer questions or just read or watch what you felt like doing. I them stopped because I felt like I was not part of the group and never would be, because I am a bit different, I don't follow the crowd or individuals. A lot of the attitudes that magicians put across is, "This is the way it has been done for so long and this is how you should go about fulfilling the role of a magician." In my opinion that is why many people have negative views of magicians.
    I heard madison talk about this, I read Magic Is Dead and read as much as I can find on what it is about The52 Club and Madonists. There may be part of Madison wanting to make money, Why not!!!
    The main thing that struck me was when I heard him talk about people performing as artists and not having to conform. This fits a lot of my thought and not just relating to magic. If people want to chop women in half or wear top hats etc it is okay for them. At the end of the day it is up to individuals to meet the needs/desires of their audience whilst fulfilling their own needs, wants and dreams. With the internet giving the opportunities it does their is room for everyone. No one is right or wrong, just using the resources available. I believe this is Madison's view that we should all have a place in magic and not be ridiculed for being different or made to feel an outsider.

    I didn't start to write much but at the end of the day I feel that if people want to be part of one group or another it is their choice and may be best for them. Who are we to judge. Most groups on the internet make money to varying degrees. So what as long as it is legal and meeting someone's needs.good luck to them.
  10. As the 2 of diamonds in the52, I can say they are completely different entities.
    The52, itself was headed In a seperate direction, kind of one of disconnection.

    The Madisonist/9c "club" as you call it..
    I was incited to the sleight club membership this past year and the information and teachings he gave was quite extensive. So I imagine the Madisonist stuff is the same way, high quality teachings... Etc..
    Madison is seen as someone that is only looking to make a buck but in all honesty the mad has been nothing but kind to me over the years... He's a brilliant teacher and mentor.

    Id say focus on learning and expanding your artform in the way YOU feel like you should. . Nobody else's opinions matter in that area.

    Always stay True to yourself and you can't go wrong!

    "Ars gratia artis"

  11. Madison is a showman. And a guy who knows EXACTLY who he is and what he wants. What does that mean? He realizes that selling to magicians and aspiring magicians are money making opportunities. He has the talent and personality to really sell anything! I MEAN ANYTHING!

    If you think he can't sell you anything, he sold his own brand of blanks cards. It takes a serious salesman to make people want to blank cards and feel that they are revolutionary. I heard magicians saying how his blanks are this and that. I was left STUNNED!

    It was at that moment that I knew that Daniel Madison could sell a person with all their fully functional limbs a prosthetic arm, and they would love it. Haha!

    I'm looking for the day that he start selling Charlies. Its coming, lol
  12. Firstly, as someone has said the52 is no secret. if you can google it.... its no secret! its a way of promotion, backslapping and frotaging in certain circumstances. that is all...

    the52 was born on the back of deception and lies, welcome to the world of 'magic'.

    what it became {it never did and probably never will be} or was to become, behind the smokescreen, was a way of selling things. there was to be a website with all the members listed by their card. click on the card and you get redirected to their website where you can buy their shite. that was the idea behind the52. sadly, anyone who got sucked in by the aura that was created around this idea is destined to be dissappointed......

    I feel sorry for people like Iain Frisch. He wrote a book about.... nothing.

    As it has been said before, by far more respected people than me... be your own person. You shouldn't be anyone else but yourself and you cant be anyone else. why would you tattoo yourself to be like someone else?? Plagiarism is the greatest compliment but have you got nothing better to offer? If not don't.

    "and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free"

    "there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed"

    I wish you all the best,

  13. No thread bumping, please. This thread has been dormant for the better part of a year. If you want to continue on with the subject, post your own ideas or question in a new thread.


    // L
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