A coin, in a card?

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  1. I've been thinking of an effect like, this where a coin is embedded INTo a card. Not on it, or cut through it, but actually INSIDE the card.

    Any suggestions of how to achieve this? Somehow split the card in the middle, and put the coin in, seal it back?

  2. Unless there is an effect out there like that already, I think you're on the right track. Splitting the card and sealing the coin inside seems like it would be the best thing you could do. You would probably want a fairly thin coin, and you would need to figure out a really good way to conceal the bump that it would make. I think that actually sounds like a pretty good effect. That could be really powerful.
  3. I'm pretty sure this has been done before.

    If memory serves me right... There's something called the Iron Palm. Which achieves this effect.

    Search around a bit 'cause I'm sure there's a number of ways this could be done. :)

    - Sean
  4. I'm 100% sure ive seen this before, how to actually get the coin in the card though? no clue.
  5. Yeah, it's been done - I remember seeing a video like that on Youtube. It's a great effect though, I say you try and develop it and do it yourself :)
  6. Thanks guys, I researched "Iron Palm", and it seems to be on eof those popular,but not BIG HIT effects like stigmata.

    I don't think this is a new idea, and I'll probably pick the effect up if I can't think of a method.

    Thanks guys..
  7. A japanese magician came up with his own method of this where he has a card chosen & signed. Then another spectator takes a coin and signs that.. he places the coin and the card between his hands and fuses them together. The signed card has to be torn open to allow the signed coin to fall out. Very cool
  8. Any links or more info?
  9. I think it was Akira Fu'something that did it.. and now that I think about it, it was a matchbook, though I can't imagine that the method would be THAT different. I personally don't think it's for sale anywhere (not that I know of) so no links can I offer

  10. Paul Harris has an effect in one of the Art of Astonishment books where he hides four coins in a single card as part of a coin matrix type thing. You could apply a similar method to what he did.

    What I tried before was sticking a few cards together with part of the middle cards cut out, thus creating a hole you could slip a small, signed coin in. The idea was to give it to the spectator to open up. However, it was awfully thick.
  11. Cyril Takayama did a trick where a Kiss (the chocolate) appeared in a card. It was flat though, because I think it was only an image of a Kiss. Afterwards, he bent the card and out came a real Kiss from under the card and into the spectator's hand. And the pciture of the Kiss from the card was gone. It's as if the image became the real thing.

    I know it's not a coin in card effect, and it seems like a simpler version but maybe you could start with this. Get the coin "in" the card then take it back out. Substitute the Kiss with the coin.
  12. I actually have an idea involving the spillitng of a card. It seems to be ok, but there are minor problems ehre and there that need to be fixed.

    Hopefully you'll see a video along with my other effects soon..
  13. This effect has definitely been done before. Raymond Singson (see Ellusionist's Stained Skin) and myself (no published works) developed a system for this effect one day. Ray originally did it with the paper of a matchbook (similar to a Cyril effect) and I developed an easy way of inserting objects inside cards and sealing them inside without the use of adhesives.

    Plus there are various marketed versions which i can't speak for.
  14. And that helps my situation how..?

    I know there already versions out there. But making a great version of mine wouldnt harm..
  15. well, uh... because, um, you see....:confused:

    I kind of wrote as though you just wanted to know if there was a way to achieve the effect, but i didn't really realize that you specifically wanted to create your own version regardless.

  16. card in coin

    hay i thought that could be really kool so i made a whole thing for it!!! ok first u
    memorize the date of a quarter then with your finger nales slowly pull of the back layer of paper from a card (difficult). then slip the coin in the slit u made use a glue stick to re-seal it then get another of the same card!!! ur all set up 4 the trick!!!! ok force watever card the coin is in but the duplicut not the one with the actual quarter. then ask 4 a quarter from the audience and tell them its watever date the quarter in the card is then palm the quarter in a sleave or pocket hand the card out for inspection again the duplicate having now the coin card on top then take the coin card flip it upside down on the top of deck (dont let them see) then put the duplicate on top and do a douple lift flip em over then act like the quarters in your hand slap the two together and merry christmasb then rip the card open showing it has the same date i hope u like it comment back plz !!!

    - Duality_763(usmc)

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