A question and help would be appreciated

anyone here are into mentalism or a mentalist and is been performing/doing shows for quite a while?? or just any one with a good recommendation??? ok heres the question...

what blindfold DVD or book would you guys recommend that teaches the method(obvoiusly)?? (i prefer the ones using a duct tape and not the regular blindfold where you strap it around your head)

im new to blindfold effects and i was thinking of adding it to my act for my future gigs and at my magic castle performances and ive been performing for a long time so theres nothing to worry about in terms of lerning the blindfold routine within a week and performing it already(im not bashing anyone when im mention that if thats what you guys are thinking)

i just need a good blindfold routine and i was looking at kenton kneppers duct tape blindfold but im exploring for more/other blindfold routine to see which one i will get coz im thinking of using it for drawing duplicatins and such and such

p.s: if anyone owns kenton kneppers duct tape blindfold dvd would you mind telling me how is it?? (not the method i just wanna know if its good and a nice one and a short review would help thnx)

thnx to everyone who are willing to help and recommend =]

- [K/P]
Sep 2, 2007
While i have don't own any references to this duct tape blindfold, nor have I performed it, I did look into it awhile back.

John Archer has a DVD out tiltled "Blindfold Tips" which I have seen to have wonderful reviews. This DVD is only around $33 and is an hour and a half long. While I don't know how good Kentons is, his DVD is only a half hour.

Kenton does put out good material, so while his DVD is shorter, It may be a very good blindfold technique. You may just have to wait for a review on his, but I wanted to make a few comparisons and let you know about Archer's DVD.

Mar 6, 2008
A Land Down Under
I don't have Kenton's DVD but it appears to be good. However when I preform any blindfold routine I make sure a partial peek is more than enough. Mainly because I like to let the spectators blindfold me.
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