A question for anyone who runs Pitch & Ditch in their set.

Sep 1, 2017
A question for anyone who runs Pitch & Ditch in their set,
Or has preformed it at some point.

How do you get your shirt out of the way of your pocket?
I learned Pitch & Ditch from Gregory Wilson through his at the table lecture, and he never went over it.

The way I see it, there's two options: wear your shirt tucked, or wear shorter shirts.
Because bunching your shirt up into your waist line, does not help, it blocks your pocket, and will fall out the second you move your hand. And it just looks suspicious anyways that you have to shove your shirt way down your pants just to take coins out of your pocket.

Kind of seems dumb that I would have to dress or buy specific clothes just to acomidate a trick, unless he's taught it somewhere else and covered this issue there.
Aug 5, 2017
WA state USA
Thats a nice lecture, its good to watch him get busted and how he gets out of it. Not a cure all but worked in those situations. Some decent tricks on there too, Pitch n ditch is great and is one of my goto's if someone asks for a trick.

How to get your shirt out of the way...

I adjust my shirt when I goto get the change out of my pocket, the shirt doesn't have to stay there yet but this can help you get it more out of the way if you have to later. Its kind of a pre adjustment.

The important adjustment one at least for me is when the handful of change returns to the pocket I usually move the shirt here because my hand naturally needs to find the pocket to deposit the coins, my arm keeps the shirt back while my hand is coming out of the pocket if needed.

This is when the other coin goes airborne, you should have their attention on this coin when your other hand is depositing the change. Your hand in your pocket (arm holding the shirt back if needed) isn't there very long and is out view of what you are framing for the participants. They should be following the airborne coin.

It is down to timing more than anything for me since the moves are justified your aren't looking sneaky about anything, its casual. I usually wear T-shirts or Polos, I have done this in a jacket too. I have found Gregory's advice for the type of pants pockets to be relevant but haven't really had too much trouble with my shirts.
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