A question to the Filipinos out there : )

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  1. Hey guys ...

    Um, I was just wondering where in the Philippines are good magic shops? I'm going there on vacation a week from now and I just needed to know. Lotsa shopping to do ; )

    The only two places I know so far is the one at Greenhills and the other one at MegaMall.

    So yeah thanks! Oh, my bad, SALAMAT!

  2. MegaMall has a magic store???
    lol... i'd never expect that.
  3. Yeah... Go to the US embassy, apply for a Visa, fly to L.A., drive to Azusa, CA and look for Owyn's magic Supreme.....good luck. Mabuhay!
  4. Last time I went to the Philippines (7 years ago) I remember there was a magic booth at SM Megamall. Other than that, I'm not quite sure. If you're a member on the cafe, look up Rannie Raymundo. Other than an actor and singer in the PI, he's an awesome magician as well. Shoot him a PM and I'm sure he can help you.
  5. there magic shop in megamall is in 3rd floor, and we have a magic group, we have a gathering every saturday sometimes in megamall starbucks :D if you want to meet close up magic group here in philippines you can check our forums thestorycircle.net
  6. There is a magic shop called Star Paper Corporation located in the Philippines.

    The owners name is Terence Chua.

    Hope this helps a little.


  7. So you are going to the Philippines to buy magic
    Try “Gian's Magic” and “It's Magic”.

    Just go to different Malls Metro Manilla and youll find some more
    A Gians is located at Alabang Town Center in Muntinlupa
    The shop was really weak,mostly props and gags

    Its Magic is in a mall
    They sell more stuff there
    I doubt you will find Brian Tudor's GenerationX there

    there was another one in SM Megamall

    In conclusion The shops are crappy
    Expensive in Its Magic

    I didn't have a great time when I went there either.
    I doubt I will go there again

  8. where exactly in the philippines?

    wow you have been in the philippines katie???
  9. lolz, Go to Cutting Edge, Trinoma.

    or if you want more info, go to thestorycircle.blogspot.com.

    they will help you.

    hope i helped
  10. Mr. Magician Ent.
    - SM Megamall 3rd Floor Building B (It's a booth, not a walk-in shop.)
    - Enchanted Kingdom (Theme Park), Sta. Rosa Laguna (It goes by another name which I forgot.)
    - E-Z Magic SM CITY Cebu under Ground Floor

    Cutting Edge
    -2nd Level of Trinoma Mall, Quezon City
    -SM Megamall (Not sure what floor; first I think.)

    Hope that helps.:)

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