a variation of roy waltonssmiling mule

Sep 6, 2007
Hi everyone,

Here is the way ive been doing roy waltons smiling mule recently.

Two jokers face up on table.

Hold the pack in fingertip peek position.
Riffle the pack and get a spectator to say stop.

Time the riffle so that they stop you in the upper third of deck.
Glimpse the card stopped at using marlos tilt glimpse from fingertip control and close up deck.

Pick up the two jokers and place together face up in the center of face down deck, catching a break between them.

Tell spectator that the card they are thinking of will appear in between the jokers.
Execute a shift and then spread pack to show face up joker on top and bottom with the rest of pack in between.

As they groan, flip over deck and casually spread deck between the hands till you get to the glimpsed card.

Because of the selection procedure, it will be about about 8 to 10 cards from the face.
Cull this card under the spread and straight to the bottom.

Ask spectator to cut off half the deck and you then place other half on top.
Get them to place their hand on top and mentally say their card to themselves.

Pause and then slowly name their card.
This frys em.

To finish, spread deck to show one card in between the jokers- the selection.

This is just the way I like to do this effect.
They dont tell you their card, you do the divination which in itself is strong, then cap it off with the sandwich.

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