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  1. Does anyone know any great Any Card At Any Number that gets great reactions, and is easy to do?
  2. I know that Luke Jermay has a method in his book 3510, i personaly dont do this trick so im not sure how good the reactions are . But i would check it out.
  3. Meant To Be. The book by John Born, has one of the cleanest looking versions. It also comes with loads of other ideas, variations, and other peoples versions of the effect ie. Banachek, Jermay, Ken Krenzel. Overall i believe this to be a great effect that if presented right could slaughter the spectators grasp of reality.
  4. the c.a.n.n.a.b.i.s. effect is great, a freely named card appears at any number named in a blank deck
  5. if you don't mind tyhat it's not a 'pure' ACAN effect, you can PM me for details of my own 'vanished card at any number' effect. i'll keep this offer open for 48 hours.


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