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  1. Hey guys,
    Ok, so I love performing the ACR but I have a question. I've seen a lot of different variations of the beginning of the routine utilizing the Turnover pass, tilt, etc. My question is do different circumstances depend on which one you use, or is it just a matter of what you feel like using ?? I guess if you got a decent size crowd kind of like a half circle around you, then the tilt would be risky right ?? Could someone please tell me the best one to use for big crowd ?? One on one ?? And say about 5 people ?? Sometimes I get confused on which one to use and kind of gets overwhelming. Much appreciated thank you. Enjoy your weekend everybody
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  2. It looks like you have the answer, some moves/routines are better with different sized groups. I watched your videos you posted and you have at least one control that do well with crowds of 5ish people and easily more that do well with 1 or 2, you just need to make several versions of the effect to scale for the crowd size.

    An At the Table Lecture with Kostya Kimlat gives great advice on routining based on time and audience size. I am sure other magicians use a similar system, it has helped me out immensely.

    He suggests making a grid with number of people on one axis (1, 2, 3-5, 5-10, 10+), the amount of time to spend with each group on the other axis (30 seconds, 1 minute, 3-5 minutes, 7-10 minutes and so on). Then you will have a goto already routined for each situation you encounter, some with only one or two effects (30 seconds-1 minute)some with several effects (3-5 minutes and so on). This also allows you to have several different routines ready at your fingertips so an adjacent group doesn't get the same routine as their neighbor or have to watch a person stumble through winging it.

    Just keep a paper with a few prepared routines for group size/time allotment in the cellophane of your card box or elsewhere. This will help you from getting overwhelmed.
  3. Josh,
    Thanks for your answer.....I really appreciate it. I want to thank you for watching my vids as well, I appreciate that. I'm still a Newbie with card magic, and I really like how you said to draw a grid to basically be ready for any situation. I've never performed for a crowd of more than 5, honestly, the thought of a crowd forming and getting bigger kind of scares me, although I guess it's a good thing . If I'm honest with myself right now, I just kind of wing it, as far as, I guess I'll do this one..... Just whatever pops in my head and I don't like that. I will try to have a certain set for each certain scenario. I appreciate your feedback, thanks. For me, sometimes too many options is a bad thing, if you understand what I mean. Have a great weekend buddy
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  4. Just so you know I am fairly new to preforming as well and am working on my crowd control. Usually when I start preforming and the crowd starts getting bigger I get a bit jittery too. The gridding of my routines helped alleviate this lots!
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  5. That really helps me out a lot I'm glad you said that thank you so much Josh !!! I've had crowds form before and that pretty much ended my routine lmao......I did a deck vanish and was like gotta go folks.....lmao.
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  6. If you don't mind since we're on the crowd subject, is there a certain angle that you always like to keep them at ?? I never liked it when they try to form a full circle around me. I always try to keep my right shoulder to them because I hold the deck with my left hand....... Where can I find out more information specifically about angles when performing, any idea ??
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  7. I try start by standing beside people kind of shoulder to shoulder and then I face them when doing some tricks but alternate back to shoulders when talking. When people start walking up I try to direct them to a good spot for me by welcoming them getting names catching them up on the situation etc. and I try to get them standing next to the other people so I can alternate shoulder to shoulder shoulder with each group and then have them in front of me when I preform. At a certain point though, 3ish groups of people (around 5 to 7 people), it seems like you get a half circle no matter what just so they can see. I am really trying to work o this right now so take what I say with a grain of salt! Its easier said than done...I need more work for sure because I get stragglers who hang back or off to the side.

    If the group grows to a certain size or I get lots of stragglers I don't do certain moves and that can lead to not doing certain effects. If I am in the middle of an effect when this happens I wrap it up best I can then go into another trick for that many people. I been working on segue tricks in case this means I need to change props.

    As for information specifically about angles when preforming I don't know. This is where I am trying to learn more about now, might be the blind leading the blind here, but it seems to be more of a body language thing. I try to favor left hand forward with the deck mostly so it doesn't seem like I am protecting it. In addition from the above shoulder to shoulder I change my forward foot from my left to my right by stepping in to build tension then back for a relax or off beat moment. I may be favoring a shoulder more than the other when I do this but am unsure, I will keep an eye out for that.
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  8. Aaahhhhh gotcha bud. Well said blind leading the blind LMAO. I'll do the best research I can and if I find any literature I will definitely let you know, okay ?? I know one thing I always tried to do was always have something behind me like a bench or a wall so nobody could get behind me but you're absolutely right eventually the half Circle starts forming anyway. I wish you the best of luck my friend I'm just coming up on a year and a half into card magic, you ?? I really start breaking out into public about 3 months ago. So far so good, very minimum screw-ups. If you have any videos please let me know I'd like to see. Thx - Ry
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  9. Any literature you find I would be happy to hear about. Thanks for looking out!

    As for using a wall or bench to block angles great idea. When there is a table I try to sit favorably so anyone who sits down or come up (servers etc.) they will be where I want them to be. I used a friend who dabbles in magic or my wife a few times as a blocker too!

    I have been doing SoH for about 2 years now but used to do some self working card tricks in my 20's. Started preforming SoH outside of my circle of friends and family about a year ago and am increasing its regularity. I have been preparing to do something similar to what you are doing at the old folks home. I live in a tourist town and this May is when things start to kick off with outdoor festivals etc. I tasked myself with doing some strolling with an option of busking during these events. Discussed with city hall, I can stroll for free but need a business license for busking. Either way it's time to step it up so I can improve more!

    I put some videos up on instagram last year but their quality and performance is poor. One might say embarrassing!lol. Maybe I will update with a better camera and performance to see the difference a year makes!
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  10. Regardless of circumstances, I always start my ACR the same way. I spread the deck face up and have them pick a card they like or feel they have a "connection to." I point out that it's not the kind of trick where they pick a card, hide it from me, and I have to find it, and that it's OK if everyone, including me, knows what the card is. I have found that this is a good way to start because they have probably seen lots of bad card tricks that begin with 'pick a card." Plus it takes away the built-in 'challenge' or hide n' seek aspect of, you know, they have their secret card and I have to find it - which also, when you think about it, is just not that exciting to a spectator.

    Now, I have the card signed with a sharpie, because i think (1) it personalizes the effect and (2) it eliminates any thought or even possibility of duplicates and makes it stronger overall, but you don't necessarily have to do that. While they are signing, I casually turn over the top two cards face up and hold a break under them. I have never been caught doing that. If you don't want them to sign the card, then you can misdirect them by asking them to look at their card and focus and concentrate on it for a few seconds because it is a very special or talented card - or whatever you want to say. That gives all the time and distraction necessary to turn those top two cards over and get your break underneath. They are not really looking for you to do anything sneaky at this point because they still have possession of the card and it has not been yet returned.

    When i take the card back from them, I have the deck in an almost vertical position relatively close to my chest, so even if I was literally surrounded, no one can see what I've done. Then, I simply place their card face up on top of the other two face up cards. I now have a break under the top three cards, but they think there is just one card (their card) face up on top. I then turn over all three cards face down as one card, and I am "two ahead." The top (indifferent) card, which they believe is the AC, is inserted into the middle. It is then shown to come to the top by turning over a double. This is a very convincing sequence. The double is then turned back face down and the top (once again, indifferent) card is inserted into the middle. Again the AC can be shown to have come to top, this time by simply turning over the actual top card.

    Anyway that is how I begin and it has worked very well for me for a long time - no controls or suspicious moves necessary. Hope it helps!
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  11. Al,
    I know exactly what you mean that's pretty much how Daryl does his routine I think. I actually have to ACR routines 1 for if I'm sitting down at a table and another for when I'm standing up doing close up. I guess my question is when standing based on the crowd because I usually start mine with the tilt, but obviously if they start the circle around you or get a half circle in might be able to catch a glimpse of the Gap in the tilt on the side. That's what I was asking would it be better to do the turnover pass or something to that matter ?? My ACR isn't too long which is what I like about it cuz it's pretty much quick and to the point. It starts with the tilt and then comes up,
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  12. Damn I keep hitting reply early sorry, lol. Anyway I start with the Tilt then it comes up then I have a spectator take half a deck and have them turn it over. Like you said I always have them sign the card and at least turn the card over once because it forms an emotional connection and I find that the reaction is more powerful that way. Then I do the card to mouth, and the reactions are usually crazy by that point, I pretty much end it there. Technically I do need to find a good closer though any ideas ?? I always kind of make a joke of it at the very end and I asked the person look can you please take this card with you because it's going to keep coming to the top trying to find you now and messing up my other tricks, lmao. They really got a kick out of that. I'll do a shapeshifter and instantly change it but it's still there lol. I guess it's hard for me to because I'm a tall guy at 6'6" , I could literally have a short guy walk under my waist look up and see the cards lmao. Anyway thank you both for your answer Al and Josh by the way happy Easter guys
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  13. Actually, Ryan, that is not how Daryl does it. After he has the card signed, the card is placed in the center of the deck face down and then controlled, as in the typical "pick-a-card-and-place-it back-in-the-deck" card trick, except it is controlled to third from the top. If you look at the description of my handling, the card is not placed in the middle after the spectator signs it, nor is it controlled, but is simply placed face up on top of two cards which I already have face up on top of the deck.

    Check out Daryl's routine here:
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