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  1. At least it doesn't completely kill it for you:)

    Look, there are limitations to every trick. The original Card through Window, the old school method, had some major limitations but that didn't stop me from performing it for ten years and killing with it. It was worth the setup.

    Frozen has an easy setup and the payoff is out of this world.

    When you want to do this do what I do... Just excuse yourself, go to the bathroom, set it up quickly, and then you have plenty of time to do it.

    Thanks everyone!
  2. Doug the 15 minute time limit is only for the in hand version... the hands free method there isn't a time limit.
  3. this looks pretty cool, I actualy bought it, (of course after some speaking with the guys that already have it) and it looks like it could fit in my performances, alas, as stated before, the napkin version can be done without a time limit so it kinda works for me.... besides, the blue gaff deck is a nice treat:D looking forward to use it.
  4. does the gimmick come with the dvd? i'm trying to decide to get the dvd or just download it from the website... cuz i live in thailand......
  5. The napkin version has a time limit the hands free does not. I have the download and its a great effect however you only have about 15 or so mins to do the napkin version. You could setup the hands free version and perform it 12 hours later :)
  6. The Dvd will teach you how to make the gimmick.
  7. Did someone make a mistake here? Chopper, you say the napkin version can be done without a time limit. But SleepingJag says the limit is for the in hand version, and isnt' that the napkin version?

    So, please be it the napkin version or the no napkin version that has a time limit?
  8. In-Hand/ Napkin version are the same thing. Sorry for any confusion.
  9. The Napkin version has a time limit.
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    This lack of imagination really starts to get on my nerves. You don't have to do the same exact effect that was handed to you. You don't have to do the same handling. In fact, on the download he says that he hopes you come up with your own patter and handling. Yeah it's harder when you have to use your brain to overcome any flaws that you might think exist in an effect. Most likely flaws that Adam has already addressed by himself and overcome (and maybe not even taught us). And he gives us a basic handling of the easiest most basic method of something he has worked on for years. And you complain!

    [Edited] You'll shoot your eye out kid!
  11. Is this an effect I can bring to school?

  12. Wow a real life E fan boy! I almost forgot this was T11. Anyway I never said there was anything wrong with this great effect and in fact I have recommended it to almost everyone I know.

    And what makes you think I have a lack of imagination? I never once complained about the effect. Its just not my style. The way you defend this effect so adamantly one might suspect your getting a cut off the sales.

    In any event, it seems you think that because someone has a different opinion then you they must be wrong.

    And that is simply not the case.

  13. The trick is awesome and just what I like, clean at the beginning, clean at the end everything is fully examinable! My ONLY problem with this trick is I can only get it to last 5min no matter how I set it up. Adam, could you shoot me a PM on this?
  14. You are really getting the things too personal buddy, come on, let the man be, he likes the effect, he gives us some solid reasons of why to bought it, (besides of some things that a lot fo us forget) and I don't think that he is offending anyone, in fact, lets be sincere, there are a lot of guys that just watch the dvd and goes out to perform exactly the same patter and style of the guy on the dvd, please, respect his opinion.
  15. Yes, I know that. But you and Chopper are saying two different things. You say the hands free version has no time limit, but Chopper said that it's the napkin version that has no time limit.

    Which is really the version that no time limit?
  16. The hands free version doesn't have a time limit while the napkin versions has about a 15 minute time limit.

    I am not a 100% sure about this since I haven't been in school in a verrrry long time. Maybe one of the younger members that bought this could tell you.
  17. Wow a real life T11 fan boy! Nice to meet you.
  18. I'm sure you could bring it to school. But then, when the teacher sees you freeze a quarter she might drag you off to the principle's office. Strangely the thing is engineered so as not to be noticed by anyone...
  19. Hey thanks bro. I like it too but I never thought of recommending it to nearly everyone I know. Good advice, I can't wait to tell everyone.
  20. You are most welcome :D

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