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  1. am i the only one not satisfied with this trick?

    i think im being an ass- but i figured it out before i bought the trick. i thought there was another method, but it was the exact same that i thought up of. (aside like one little thing)

    It helps when your uncle is a fireman and your dad's a frickin genius.

    anywho, i think im being an ass about this, but the impromptu version seems 'awkward'. anyone agree with that?
  2. I don't feel like this was covered enough so I thought I may want to give a little bit more detail with this.

    You can get frostbite very very easily. I was extremly careful, but my hand still got it. The napkin will give you this easily. If you do get frostbite, just hold your hand under Hotwater for a little while.

    If you get frostbite, you'll know it, because it does sting.
    Just keep a pair of gloves or be very very carful when doing it.

    I don't think the trick is very practical, because you have to reset it ever time you preform, but it's a ingenious way to freeze a coin[Or other things.]
    I've made my own process with this one that lets me freeze it easily in my hands.
  3. I was not aware that one of the handlings did not require a time limit. I was also not aware of the fact the set up could be as easy as going to a bathroom and putting yoru stuff together.

    Thanks for clearing that up Adam and I apologize for my ignorance.

    Also, let's not make this thread into an argument guys.

  4. IMO, this sounds like a better setup, and just seems cleaner to me, but that could just be me.
  5. I don't think it's quite as easy of just going to the bathroom....if your in a public place!
    you obviously don't want to give the set-up away to any one who notices.

    Storing what you use can be a big pain aswell if using the bathroom method.

    But al this said, the trick is well worth the cost, and a the set-up.
  6. so you have to be 18 to buy the trick (recommended) but is that because whatever the gimmick is you have to be 18 to buy?

    Or is it just because of liability and they are being pretty cautious.

    From what I'm reading I don't know where to buy liquid nitrogen...;)

  7. Both!
    The Gimmick is in many stores, but you need to be 18 to buy it.
  8. I was going to post my own review but I will clear up a few things about this trick since some questions are being repeated.

    Is this safe?

    Yes, if you listen to Adam then he full explains how to make sure you don't get frostbite or mess up your skin or anything.

    The setup is only for 15 minutes for the napkin?

    Yes, but this is for the street effect where you can set up and find somebody do a few tricks and do it as a closer. The major thing is the second method of doing this can achieve the first method.

    Can it be performed at school?

    Yes, watch out though because if a teacher has an idea of how it is done they may try and get you in trouble. Be careful when handing out the quarter and make sure you tell them not to place it in their mouth, but then again we're not in first grade.

    Is the gimmick big and easily carried around?

    The napkin version is very small but the second method is a little bigger but still fine to have on you most of the day.

    Imo this is a great trick but will require some money for the gimmick making. I have a way to do the napkin version by using the second method, if you have the trick and would like to know PM me with the number of chapters for exposure reasons. I plan on doing this effect quite a bit and I use a superman/earthy powers to achieve this effect and so far this is my best trick. Followed by Liquid Metal, then E.I. Get this effect if you want something different and can really make you a superhero.
  9. i like the hands free set up better, because there is no time limit, i am coming up with my own way to set it up, the effect is AMAZING, and the napkin version Looks BEYOND sick, but I will find a better way to do it, although i like the handsfree version. I think I can improve it. anyone else have any ideas on this? GREAT TRICK, well worth the money and set up.
  10. Hey guys. I have Frozen now and I honestly have to say.... this is the best thing in magic I have gotten in a while. Full review coming in a few days.

    I personally like the napkin version the best. The frost breath is AMAZING! Imagine... being INDOORS and having smoke coming out of your mouth because your breath is FREEZING! Then blowing on the quarter and making it visually freeze... it just doesn't get much stronger than that.

    if you work it into your handling, you can even have your spectator hold the napkin and have the quarter freeze in their hands. Now THAT is amazing. Adam Grace... you are amazing.

  11. would you prefer this or thread?
  12. Its too early to say now. I will say that this morning I've been playing with the geek method of Thread. Its not for me. It also wont be something that many people will use. However, some will use it. Its preference. However, I just cannot get it to work well with me. I also would rather not risk my vision over this.

    I have not yet tried the sleight version. I have to build myself a little gimmick. I have to do that. So to make a choice between the two would be unfair.

    Both Thread and Frozen are pure AWESOMENESS. Both are must gets. I'm serious. Even if you never use Frozen, the secret is just so cool.... I'm addicted to freezing things now.:p In Thread, you learn more than just an effect. (This is something I always love about Houchin's DVD's. More depth on that in my review.)

    I swear.... Frozen looks like pure magic to you. When you have that frost breath and when you freeze that quarter.... you will amaze yourself. You'll be as shocked as the people watching you. I felt like a 5 year old kid in a candy shop when I first started trying this concept out. SO MANY POSSIBILITIES!

    I'm gonna wait a little while before writing review for both Thread and Frozen. I want the hype to die down a bit before just making a review. (Its kind of like Smoke & Mirrors. When I first got my first editions in, they were my favorite deck for a little while. Now, I just see them as average cards with a different style.)

    So I cannot answer your question. I will write both reviews within the next few days. They will be VERY in depth. Both have major pros and cons.

  13. Impressive, most impressive. Why is that such a favorite phrase around here, even if you do not know the person? I know SFA pretty well, and he will tell it like it is. If he does not like it, he will tell you, if he does like it, he will talk it up. I know this from having the painful experience of having had to ban him temporarily from the E forums. So before you go throwing around what you think is an insult (but it really is not), then at least try to find out something about the guy.

  14. Doug,

    Thanks for the honest take on it, and it seems you and I think a lot alike. I freely say that the method is a little knacky, but the visual impact of the result make it so dang worthwhile. I love the smoke that just billows off of the napkin.

    Take it easy,

  15. Let's not make this into a T11 VS E thread. They are pointless and always get locked. However, I understand why you felt you needed to say something here RJ.

    People who are fanboys and will only buy from one company and not from another for reasons that are too dumb for me to comprehend will face the consequences by not being able to enjoy what artists such as Adam Grace have put their blood, sweat, and tears into. Adam Grace is a genius and I am addicted to freezing things. He did an awesome job on this project.

    EDIT: Thanks for the comment RJ.
    Anyway, I forgot to put this at the end of this post originally. This is a REVIEW for Frozen, not a "which company is better?" thread. Let's try to keep it that way guys. Thanks. ;)
  16. Star Wars: Episode V (The Empire Strikes Back). Luke and Vader in Cloud City, first actual lightsaber duel. Luke jumps from the pit where they freeze people in carbonite, escaping capture.

    Star Wars FTW!
  17. Yeah your right. It is a cool effect. And like I said before BUY IT!


  18. man, Just by reading that, I need to watch a star wars movie noooow! Boba and jango fett forever!!!(my favorite character's):D
  19. I have that effect on people. ;)
  20. I'm personally having some trouble with the 'frost breathing'. Would appreciate any help via PM that I can get. Cheers.

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