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  1. Well, I've established a modified long term 4 year goal, which is to make my up the ladder cuts look so smooth it looks like I'm handling water. For those that are into speed and fluidity, how long would this take?? I started handling cards back in 2012. What I've learned so far from practicing my cuts almost everyday for the past 2 years is this:

    -Speed is developed through muscle memory
    -Speed goes quickly meaning that if you don't practice consistently you will lose speed
    -Some moves are just higher maintenance than others Bottom Deal , Center Deal even Up The Ladder.
    -You learn a lot about yourself by just sitting with a deck of cards and practicing even if it's only for an hour.

    This is my current speed and I would like to make it about 2 times faster than where I currently stand. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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  2. The speed and fluidity of your cuts is very nice right now. You are showing a natural speed for the card table, and more importantly, it does not look like you are up to no good.

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  3. My best advice is be able to perform this without looking at it and while talking. I guarantee you, if you can do all 3, then the speed will not be necessary. To reiterate what Mr. Book has said, the tempo is a very solid and steady pace. No need to be super fast at it. Being natural, consistent and comfortable while you talk will make this look 10x better in performance!

    Great job!
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