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  1. I've mentioned this in another post about the same product..

    It's nothing close to 'Original' the very idea has been passed around from 'Circle To Circle' and tossed away for 'Impracticality' I've know of this method for quite some time

    To over-hype it as the 'Next Great Vanish' is rubbish..

    is it beautiful to watch? Indeed with the proper 'Finesse' it's a brilliant looking vanish/change

    Is it 'Angle Sensitive'? Indeed.. quite so in fact that even he says you could flash at any time..

    Practical? Depends on the situation..

    what if your doing a walk around gig and you have 3 people straight on.. correct situation right? indeed... then 'Mid Vanish' someone comes on your left side... or your right side... or behind... or taller then your arm..

    there are many factors that would make this useless..

    Most Coin sleights are quite angle sensitive so it's not as if this is the only one with 'angle problems'

    for anyone who has seriously studied 'Coin Magic' and magic in general and doesn't wait for 'Theory11' to tell you what to purchase would have already known of this method... and many other 'Superior' ones
  2. There's nothing stopping you from doing Alchemy naked but you'll be arrested before you can vanish it so that argument is void really. Why would a spectator need more convincing than the magician rolling his sleeves up?

    As far as the method, it's a good thing to practice because in the event you get to use it it should look like real magic, which should generate some talk about you. As stated it's very angle sensative but there are also other variables like coin size, some peoples bodies wont be of the right condition to vanish a big coin. A skinny person will probably struggle to vanish even a small coin without flashing.
  3. We obviously have different performing styles.
  4. I have Alchemy and before buying it I had a theory on how it was done as I have seen it worked on by others. I won't name names as he is already credited in the video itself. In my mind using this to just vanish an object is short sighted. The are other applications with this technique. Once again I will not mention the name of the technique because it is listed in the credits next to the other magicians name. If you buy this know that it has some angle issues but at 10 this is a good introduction to this sleight and you can find others working on it as well so you can build your knowledge base on this sleights usage. To me the sleight in general needs some work but, as the old saying goes "if your not running..." I would probably never use this in a straight up vanish fashion, but it is a useful move for the right situations and does have a ton of impact in those situations. At 10 dollars do not just blow this off, especial if you are wanting to learn unusual sleights that are not typically mainstream as of yet.

    As far as the one on one is concerned I think it was well produced and teaches you everything you need to know. I will say though it is not a versatile as you are lead to believe. This is covered on the DVD. You will not be able to perform this in every situation as an impromptu effect. that being said you can easily set this up to make it appear impromptu, before leaving your house and it can be performed with less than a seconds worth of reset that most would not notice if you reset it correctly. I know that sounds like their is a gimmick but there actually isn't one. It is very hard to talk about the method without giving to much away. I will say the only down side to the production is in his methods of recovery, I personally think their is a better one that was not covered and should have been, but you can get that with your own research by simply looking at the end status of the trick and exploring that field for a while.

  5. I have got Alchemy by ben seidman and I must say I love it. Its my kind of coin vanish clean and visual. But I was suprised to find this was a lot like ponta the smiths vanish on sick with just a few exceptions.
  6. From the mind of the magician Ben Seidman is another wonderful piece of coin magic, you can see a coin disappear or become another direct and powerful object.Simple is improvised magic. Alchemy done with the sleeves rolled up, and looks like a trick photography.
  7. This is an awesome trick,,

    I have created a trick using ALCHEMY in which 4 coins are kept in the spectators hand, they themselves check those coins,
    1 coin is taken out from their hand(they have 3 remaining in their fist) and they have their fist closed.
    Then I makhe the coin vanish and go into the spectators hand. They check their hand thru thin air, they have 4 coins...

    EVERY THING IS FAIR< PURE SLEIGHT OF HAND ( belive me, they will be ****in shocked)

    any body who wants to learn this contact me at
  8. Can we take this down, please?
  9. nothing to do with the context but anyone know the title of music thats used in alchemy tutorial
  10. This post, for the most part, sums it up brilliantly. It's not a terrible effect, not at all, and it could have potential use for other effects as well. However, it is one of the most variable dependent effects I've seen in quite sometime.

    Things have to go absolutely flawless 100% of the time for this to make you appear to be performing a miracle, and we all know live performances are never flawless 100% of the time.

    There are simply 'no outs' if and when things go wrong.

    And that's my main complaint about thisparticular effect. Is it useful information to know? Absolutely, the more techniques of magic you learn the better off you's just that this technique (despite some opinions that have been shared on this topic thus far) will be used few and far between.

    - Steve

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