Am I ready for the Trilogy?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by AceOfGears, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. ive only been doing magic for almost 3 months now, but ive packed those 3 months with alot of practice and learning. i dont really know any flourishes, but i think im ready for it. so, how do i know when im ready for the trilogy?

  2. you know your ready for the trilogy when youve grasped the concepts of performing intermediate magic down. for example, you can go through in your head ok for this trick i need a double lift, pass here, false count, blind shuffle, tilt, etc. and actually be able to execute these sequences smoothly. because although the trilogy is not limited to any certain level of magician, it doesn not go through step by step to explain the minor sleights used, such as a double lift or controlling a card to the top. this part, you can interperet.

    so basically, just have the fundamental sleights of magic mastered or at least be knowledgeable before purchasing the trilogy.

    hope this helps
  3. couple tricks on trilogy is pretty hard though, and the flourishes will take u possibly forever to learn with just 3 month of card handling.
  4. oh yea...about the flourishes
    they will take you forever to learn with just 3 months...thats true
    but gotta start somewhere right?
    the sooner you start practicing and becoming adept with cards
    the easier everything will come to you
    i just wouldnt recomend starting off with the jackson 5 flourish haha
  5. Hey Ace,

    The Trilogy, or tricksflourishesandeverythingelse, is a great DVD for intermediate-advanced magicians. I have been doing magic for almost 2 years and the Trilogy was pretty tough for me. I suggest getting something a little easier to start out with, such as Xtreme Begginerz if you are into flourishing. I remember back when I started magic. After about a month of practice I thought I was the s*** ,but looking back at some of those videos I now know that I was s***. I suggest practicing until you can easily do a pass, half pass, dl, and all of those other basic sleights in your sleep, and then purchasing the Trilogy. But hey, you don't have to listen to me. Go ahead and buy it if you want. The only bad thing that could come out of it would be buying some new cards because you have thrown them to the floor a few hundred times.

    Happy Buying,

  6. welll for the tricks you are not ready, but it all depends on how much effort yoou put into the practice, flourishwise you are screwed, but thats ok, I am not saying don't buy the flourish DVD because it'll be cheaper if you buy all 3, but it will take major practice, I would learn some simple flourishes like swivel cut, swing cut, charlier, or just buy it and learn all those from the flourishes 101 section, that could work, if you are going to put hours of standing in front of the mirror than buy it if you are not, don't buy it because you are just going to reveal some pretty good tricks that you coould use later with perfection when you get better
  7. I own the Tricks DVD, and some of the tricks on there will take alot of practice. But some of them are fairly simple to do. No matter what you do, I recomend practicing as often as possible.

  8. Hate to tell you this, but you will not be ready. If you want Flourishes, the trilogy is not a good place to start because it is very advanced. And the tricks are as well. I suggest that you keep practicing for a wile, then get it. I mean you always hear about knuckle busting magic, well this is it. But if you think you are ready for it, then get it. But I don't even think Dan and Dave could do the effects on these dvd's with only 3 months of practice. And there like not even human.
  9. yeah dan and dave are flourish machines!!! :D
  10. The biggest problem for many people is that they do not realise that they can watch the trick how many times needed. If you practice, then I think it's alright! :)

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