An Essay on the Modern Magic Community.

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  1. unfortunately, the only people interested in talking about these things are people who are advanced/experienced. To the newbie, they aren't interested in advancing our art. It isn't even theirs yet! So they still have to get past the stage of wanting to be able to impress their friends so they think they are cool or something. I mean, I'm pretty sure we all went through that stage.

    And because there are more and more newcomers as each day progresses, there is a never-ending cycle of maturing within our art. So i guess we just need to be tolerable.... or have a t11 forum section for advanced magicians interested in presentation theories, advanced technique discussion, and all that jazz, where the best of would be posted in the other section for the newbies to learn from, alas, I digress.

    oh well... in a perfect world

  2. Hahaha I was referring to your other post where you said " As I see it, the true "magic" is crumbling (at least in the online community - which is a huge tragedy)"

    If by that you meant the community you spoke of in the original post.. yea I didn't connect the dots :D hahaha

  3. Damn Right! Well Said
  4. This is very true. When I first joined these forums I was impressed by the amount of posts per day. Way more than the Ellusionist forums which is where I was before. However I started to look through some of the posts and noticed that about half of them were, "That's what she saids."

    Someone else said this, but I feel that it's important to say again. I like having videos of my magic to see how I'm moving along with that new sleight. Sometimes, when I think that it's good enough, I post on either T11 or E for feedback before I perform it. I would love to have lots of performance videos, but I usually don't have time to hit the streets or my mom doesn't want to be filmed.

    However, you are totally right that magic should be performed for people.
  5. I'm bringing this back to the top again, because as anyone who can read usernames can see, I am now back, and after glancing over the General Discussion board, I feel like some people need to read this.
  6. So, just stumbled back onto the humble t11 forums and saw this and said to myself, " woah this conversation is still going on I think the last time I was on here was when I was writing on it!"

    Been a while. I think an issue in this community, as well as life, is the need to be given some credit. And credit is given where credit is due, but with mostly everyone ultimately selfishly looking for props on the forums, maybe it shows that forums aren't the best way to advance the art of magic. Maybe it would be better if we all just started magic clubs and practiced with others instead of mirrors, I don't know!

    anyway, this thread deserves a second read though. back after the break.
  7. *A greater being sneezes, the wind created uncovers lost artwork under the pornz that some call art.*

    You know now I remember why I skipped this, it was way over my head. Anyway, going to digest the essay will get back to ya later.

    *clips the thread on his bulletin board so it does not get lost again.*

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