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  1. Sup guys,

    It's been a while since I posted here, and While I was gone, I though of something.

    I remembered Warning by DG then thought "What if I combined this with control?"

    So that got me thinking the different ways to sell the effect really good so It looks like your soul got out of you.

    Any advise?

    btw, please don't give me anything like "You're stupid, that wont work." just some constructive criticism please.

    I'll post a vid later this week on how I imagined it would

    thanks guys
  2. Cool!

    Hey, this sounds awesome I love the idea. When you make a video please make it a live performance to SPECTATORS!!! :D I am on vacation in England so if you could send the link to because I am really excited and would like to try this idea myself. What if you combined all three harcore effects:

    Wounded- Crying blood because your soul left you...
    Control-Pulse stopped
    Warning- Because pulse stopped your soul left...

    Now that would be intense... lol alrighty btw im not goth or anything, just like hardcore effects :D:p

    Thanks dude,

  3. I forgot about wounded! damn. haha. I haven't actually bought wounded yet, But I'll try to.

    Anyways, The whole thing will be shot in Filipino, but you'll get to see they're reactions.
  4. Combining all these effects would be completely over the top and would probably just look stupid. You're pulse has stopped then there's blood and smoke etc I think it would just look comical if all this stuff was happening at once.

    Control is an incedibly powerful effect by itself and may be ruined when you try to over prove what is happening. I think it's far better if you leave it to the spectators to make their own assumptions about what is happening to you.

    Perhaps you could do something a bit more subtle, such as using Electric Touch, give them a shock as you suddenly 'come back to life'.
  5. hmmm... you got a point. but still. A guy can dream.

    I'll just experiment with it. Try to see if which fits which, But til I make a good patter to make it look real at anywhich case, I'd still stick with Control and Warning seperately.

    Anyways, I'd still be performing my idea just out of curiosity.

    thanks for the feedback
  6. What would be your reasoning for lighting a match in this situation?
  7. I'm still thinking of a very very good patter. But for now, I'd be doing a solo performance on how it would basically look like. then maybe this Friday, I'd be showing the vid of me performing it at my friends at school.
  8. hello JePineda, Mabuhay.. Im also from the Philippines..
    nice idea bro.. wounded+control.. with the warning thing, how are you going to start with the routine?.. i mean are you going to stop your pulse first then let your soul fly out or vice versa?..
  9. Part of a ritual which utilizes candles.

    Explain about a ritual some tribe somewhere used to perform that allowed them to free themselves from the mortal coil.

    This is what a zombie is.

    Explain what the spectator will do, and have them count out your pulse real quick.

    Take your arm away, and explain once the candles are lit, they are to do it again.

    Take out the match, light it, and light the candles.

    Wave out the match, and hold out arm out for them to count your pulse again.

    Slowly let the smoke pour out as your pulse lowers into nothingness.*

    You don't have to start the pulse again after this.

    Done in a darker seance style with many candles, this could look nice.

    *if you don't want it to be your "soul" that's leaving, you could shiver and say "did you feel it just get cold in here?" The smoke will come out of your mouth, just like your breath on a cold day. It could be the spirits being invoked, chilling the very air around you.

    Just some ideas I came up with for this ;)

  10. maybe u should do warning while stopping your pulse so that its like you're losing your soul and then right before you start your pulse again, you can do wounded to show that you were dying.
  11. Awesome.

  12. Lol, I bet if you did that, a bunch of people would freak out and try to burn you at stake, thinking you were the devil.
  13. nice idea thrall,

    I'm going to school now and going to try the ritual thing that thrall suggested. I'll let you guys know what happened

    thanks guys.

    @Hijacked, Yeah maybe, but that won't stop me in doing it. :p
  14. It would be very hard to combine Control and Warning.
    Very important notes:

    - Once you have the smoke, you cant talk, so all your patter must be finished by then.

    - Smoke wont stay forever in your mouth, so you would have to rush trough the Control, if you want to have any smoke to get out of your mouth.

    - You need a very good reason for lighting the match and not talk after that.

    - Control is all about presentation and "breathing". So if you want your Control to look convincing, you have to breath slowly and somewhat loudly. And if you try to do that with smoke in your mouth, it will just come out as a "poof", not as a long "soul like" smoke that you want to get.
  15. Not really. Check out my response earlier in this thread.

  16. damn teachers,
    just as I was about to light the match, they confiscated the matches and my bikes... T___T

    but here's my patter on it, lemme know what you guys think

    So the trick is my finisher for my performance.
    "Do you guys know of any rituals involving spirits?"
    Some say yes some say no.
    "Alright, here's what I you want to do. check me for any suspicious looking things except for the candles and matches."
    They check me and I'm clear.
    "The ritual states that `If the body enters the stat of relaxation where nothing, not even the heart beat, moves then the body's spirit will be released from the body then towards the heavens. Just like that, the spirit comes back, and the body comes to life again."
    Then they are interested. some are curious.
    "Gimme the candle and the matches."
    The match is struck... then confiscated.

    But you guys get the idea.

    So? is it convincing?
  17. Haha. How did your classmates react to that?:D
  18. They laughed their asses off. Luckily, I left my Guardians at home. (phew)

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