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    Is it better to have Anate to be done or mostly to be performed with a wallet or envelope? i mainly need to know if you can really just put the card openly facedown on the table and perform it, my main concern is that if you can really do so, will the effect still be as useful?
  2. I continue to modify the way I use Anate. That being said, you do not need a wallet or an enevelope whatsoever
  3. The effect that's focused on in the PDF uses a wallet.
    The 'Anate' psychological technique allows you to force a number/index, not a suit. This has to be done yourself. Dee mentions using a simple equivoque force the suit but he doesn't exactly teach that in the pdf. It is definately possible, its just a little work on your part.

  4. To put it on the table, there is a trade off. However, it's not too difficult to get around it.
  5. Does Anate force work also in non-english lenguage ( I am italian)?
  6. ok... i don't like to use wallets, envelopes and stuff like that, i like it to be open, it seems like if i put it on table etc, it will have some negative elements that i have to make up for...
  7. Mattia, the principle will only work in English. I'm sure that technically speaking, you could, with enough research, find some way to use the principle in italian (I don't speak Italian, but I know that it could theoretically be applied to French, and from what I do know of the language, it could similarly theoretically be applied). However it wouldn't be easy and would take a great deal of work on your part. You would also end up forcing something else, not a playing card. Basically, it's a specifically English card force.

    1412004 - I don't know if I'd call it a negative element, but YES, there will be an additional element that some people may not like. If you are knowledgeable in this sort of thing, I believe you could remove this element, but it would be risky.
  8. then i guess it would be smart for me to put it aside until i have the complete confidence to remove the element... currently have no clue at all..
  9. While my Anate is truly simple in methodology, (It was one of those 3am "duh!" moments in conception) I still consider it to be a relatively advanced technique because of the nature of the principle.

    It is a linguistic technique.

    I was truly surprised at the response it got from the industry as I thought it would be poopoo'd by many for being too bold and completely sleightless, but it was very well received, I've sold hundreds of copies to date.

    I don't want to put anyone off as I know of a few people who haven't dealt much in mentalism and have great success with this, but just be wary that it may not be something that you get right away and you won't hit 100% of the time. Fact.

    I want to be honest with everyone as I don't believe in lying (despite lying for a living :p) to my customers, so just read the ad copy, look at the many reviews here, on the cafe and on my site and if you think it's for you, pick it up and see if it fits! :)

    As Prae mentioned, this is something specifically designed for the English language, though the principle could most likely be applied to other languages - I can't say which though as I only speak English ;)

    Regarding the placement of a single card on the table, you could do this without having a suit named, place a card down have them name the value and get them to flip it over - This is what I do and it's extremely powerful as it's such a simple, direct effect.

    If you want to go for the value and suit you could either Equivoque or magician's choice force the suits down red and blacks and then hearts and diamonds or whatever, or you could force it in some other fashion, psychological or physical.

    Hope that clears things up for people!



  10. praetoritevong, thanks for the reply.
    So I can came up with a my own method to force a card instead of buying Anate, right?

  11. Sure, I don't see why not. Besides which, there are a number of card forces around, and, I'm sure, many to be discovered.

    Anate is a card force because of the linguistics involved. With another language, such as French, it wouldn't work as a card force, but could possibly force something else.

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