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  1. Hey whats up guys i have recently bought an effect from a friend of mine named Chris Wiehl and i have decided to give it a review. Videos will be posted at the bottom.

    Effect: Basically this effect is a signed coin in bottle and a sharpie in bottle. On the download Chris performs this effect mainly with a coin and a sharpie, but Chris says you can use chapstick, lipstick, pens, batteries, keys and etc. For this effect you can use many things . This effect is so visual and so fun to perform, i really like this effect a lot and i think everyone else will like it as well i have seen a lot of bottle penetrations and this is one of the most visual ones i have seen. For this effect i will give it a 10 out of 10 . Well done.

    Gimmick: The gimmick for this effect is very well made and easy to use. From the video you can see that the gimmick is very durable and easy to make. Gimmick is a 10 out of 10.

    Skill Level: This effect is very fun to perform , but you are not going to get it down in one day. You will probably need a couple of weeks of practice to get this effect down very smoothly . I suggest practicing with all kinds of objects so you are prepared to do this effect with any object . The skill level from 1-10 is about a 6 .
    6 being in the medium level.

    Bottles: For this effect you can use all sorts of bottles , i suggest using plastic bottles .

    Handling : The handling for this effect is pretty easy to master since chris gives great tips and easy to follow directions. I really like the handling a lot and it flows very well for this effect . Smart handling!

    Impromptu version : The impromptu version is basically the same as the gimmicked version except that their is no gimmick and its slightly harder then the gimmicked version. The impromptu version is really nice and the skill level is about the same as the gimmicked version. For the impromptu version i will give it a 9 out of 10. well done.

    Buy: You can buy this effect at papercrane magic.
    Videos: You can find the videos of Chris at the papercrane blog , im sure all of you will like the first video lol.
  2. Just a few Questions...

    You can do this with ANY bottle, plastic or glass?

    You can do this with ANY object thats small enough to fit inside the bottle eg phone, deck of cards, ipod, OR only coin, keys, sharpie etc

    The gimmick can be made at home with things around the house, or do they have to be specifically bought?

    Sorry for the weird questions, it just sounds from the way you've reviewed it that it's the perfect effect, and I'd just like to know more :)

  3. hey simon
    hope i can help with your questions without revelaing too much

    1: this dvd is specifically plastic bottles. you can do this with glass bottles, but this dvd does not go into this but gives some sources on where to find similar effects using glass bottles
    2: there are some restrictions as to what can go into the bottle, but they are limited to your creativity and imagination as to what you want to do with the effect.
    3: yes and no. you will have to probably go out to walmart or a similar store like that to get materials. you may though already have everything you need at your house.

    i hope that helps a bit

    and thanks pat for the review!
  4. no problem chris , great effect man!
  5. I'm really thinking about buying this. Infusion with a Snapple bottle is just too ****in hard. Time for something new.
  6. I gotta say that when I downloaded AAWBC my immediate thought was, I've bought this trick once. It takes Infusion up a notch like that video review says. If you thought Infusion was hard, wait till you get AAWBC.

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