Angle issues with a move in DG's ".44"

Jan 9, 2012
Whats up guys,

I've been practicing a little with Daniel Garcia's card transposition effect ".44"

I find the 4-for-3 switch to be very tricky in regards to seems real angle-sensitive.
Any tips or advice on making this move seamless and not as much prone to angle problems?
(It might just boil down to practice time in the end, though).

Also, I've been working with my own kind of mechanics of doing this move, but it's different than
what he teaches in 'Symphony'. If somebody that is familiar with this move/routine and could PM
me about it, that would be great!

May 19, 2010
If you are right handed make sure the spectator is standing to your right or looking straight down at your hands. The angels for this are pretty flexible. Just experiment. Hope this helps!
Jun 1, 2009
If you watch what Danny does, he asks a question with the cards to be switched face up and has the person hold out their hand, THEN he does the switch. Don't make it a move, just do it in an offbeat. Their brain is focused on filling out your command, so they are not looking for a move.
Jan 9, 2012
@TomGrimes--thanks, I might consider getting that download.

@AdamF--I remember Danny mentioning that about either the birds-eye view or the rightward-positioned spectator.

@Jacob L + danielmontagne--this makes alot of sense, I know exactly what you mean.

Thanks everyone.
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