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    I haven't done one in a while, so I decided to do another card design. My last attempt at elegant ended up turning into a blood stained horror themed deck, so I thought I'd have another attempt at elegant. >_<

    Please note that this has been done from scratch, no images copied from the internet.


  2. LOVE IT! Keep up the awesome work!
  3. I like the white one. thats awesome man!
  4. Those seem like cards that would look better in real life, kind of like smoke and mirror cards. I like it though.
  5. As awesome as they are, I can't help but think Moke and Smirrors...

    That said, I do like the white one.

    - Sean
  6. those both look pretty cool especially the white one, but i dont think id give up my tally-hos for them.
  7. wow. I'm very impressed. It looks super good.
  8. I love these cards so much that if they were released I would... I would... Argh, there is a video I wish I could post here, but I would get in trouble. :( (Think The Lonely Island. ;))


    -EDIT- In case some people didn't see that video and don't know what I mean... I mean that these cards are full of Wynn. (Yes, since we are talking about cards and I wanted to say win, I felt it would be better to say wynn because I'm cool like that and that's how I roll.)

  9. YOU LIKE TALLY-HO'S?!?!?!??!?! LOL jk. you dont have to give up some awesome decks for a cool deck
  10. you should get these made :D
    Amazing design!
  11. I love them! I would definately buy them. Go to
    and then you can make some prototypes (if you haven't done so yet). Then, please see what you can do to sell it, because they look so awesome!
    PS. What program do you use to create your designs?
  12. Damn nice! I like the white a lot more.
    Good work :)
  13. Those cards are killer. I'd buy a few decks.
  14. Best non-professional card design i've seen yet. Leaps and bounds ahead of some of the other sketches i've seen on the forums....nice work.
  15. Thanks guys! Glad you like it :D

    I do prefer the white myself. That's how I designed it. I inverted it as an afterthought.

    I used Photoshop 7 to make this design.

    In response to those suggesting I get some of these made, I've told myself many times that I get my own design printed, and I really would love to, but it's just a bit too difficult to do. I'd have to pay a fortune in shipping and customs, even for a relatively small batch. :(

    Thanks for all the comments. :)

  16. Wow! Those back designs are awesome. I really want to see what the ace and the jokers would look like. Depending on what the ace and jokers looked like, I'd really be interested in buying these.

    The only thing I can think of changing would be the circle of repetitive wiry patterns surrounding the circle of spades in the center. I'd just find a different pattern than what you used. That may just be my opinion, but I think that design should be changed.

    Other than that though, I love it! Keep working on them.
  17. Wow, absolutely beautiful. If these were actually printed, I'd definitely buy some :D

  18. I really like them, but here's some constructive criticism:

    The one thing that doesn't seem to blend in is the corner design. It looks like you just cut and pasted part of the center. I think you should continue the same design that is outside of the center, and maybe put an image that is smaller and not cut off (like the quartered circles that are there now).

    It was kind of hard to explain that, so tell me if you don't understand something.
  19. Hey I love it! Great work!

  20. I love them! The white one is awsome!

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