Anybody Up for a ACR battle?

Discussion in 'Battles : Ready to Rumble' started by JustinWay13, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. I know, I know. Everyone has done a ACR battle. Well, I haven't so If you want t battle pm me or whatever.

    No music just patter
    No editing to enhance the effect
    card has to be signed
    Can be live but doesn't have to be.
  2. Its been a while sicne I have been in a battle, I would like to do it, but here are my conditions

    No patter just music

    Card hasnt need be signed ( I dont like to sign my cards)

    Witouth being live, just you.

    and thats it, if you still wanna do it, tell me.
  3. if your not up for his battle, then im up for one, but i'd like to have at least til next sunday cuz of school and stuff

    nvm, realized i lost my firewire
  4. yeah ill do it
  5. any other rule you would like to add?
  6. nope im making the battle right now
  7. actually yeah only sleight of hand, no gimmicks
  8. by gimmicks you are referring to machinery or things like that right?
  9. No double back cards, no double facers, no gaff cards in general haha
  10. awww, I was going to use a blank face card. .... can I can I?

    its okay, if you do use gaffs you need to say wich ones.
  11. by the way, I noticed that in the batle rules you said that "no audience"

    the camera man doesn count right?
  12. No it does not count....

    I know this because I will be the one shooting for him.

    Hope that helps,

    ~Ryan Fox~
  13. oook.....

    (word count)
  14. btw, I may have my submission ready for tomorrow, when are you guys going to finish?
  15. Hopefully by saturday or sunday i am busy for the next few days unless he just borrows my tripod then it could be tomorrow or friday?

    but this isnt my battle so i will stop taking over this thread :)

  16. Thanks Ryan for answering for me. I wasn't able to get online for a while.

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