Anyone else totally floored when they bought S.W.E Shift?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by XxJamesxX, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. I can't imagine the time, practice, and imagination that went into this move.
  2. It's from Erdnase, did you expect it to be easy?
  3. Here's an idea, instead of being smarmy and immediately coming to the conclusion he's complaining about how difficult it is, you actually take the time to read his post. :rolleyes:

    Yes, James. I took another look at it after the 1on1 came out and it is an amazing sleight, Erdnase (whoever he/she was) was indeed an incredible thinker.

    This is what I love about sleight of hand card magic, the actual creation and thinking process, some controls and shifts these days are incredibly well thought out and I'd love to be inside the head of the creator when they thought of it. :)

    It's a shame Erdnase isn't here today to tell their story of how this fantastic shift came about.

    - Sean
  4. S.W Erdnase was a man named E.S Andrews. There is his life story in front of The Expert at the Card Table.
  5. I thought there was that myth that supposedly that was just another pseudonym. Either way he's steal a freakin' legend. :p

    - Sean
  6. Thanks for sticking up for me Sean_Raf, you and I seem to see eye to eye on quite a few issues. I personally see alot of beauty in the way these things are structured. For instance, I would love to invent something as creative as ,say, The Twinsplit Remix by Dan and Dave Buck. I cant imagine how one might come up with such an idea, I definitley aspire to do something like that. To be the next big thing.
  7. the trick is not to think " I am going to come up with a new pass". Just let ideas come to you.
  8. Is it just me or does any one else think this was a very easy sleight? yet remarkable!
  9. That story isn't actually fully verified. If Guy Hollingsworth isn't convinced, i'm not convinced.
  10. I apologise for my ignorance James. Sean, thanks for pointing that out.
  11. Nah, that was just one speculation. No one is sure at all, unless they are keeping it from us...
  12. Well when i saw first saw the 1on1 i looked in my copy of expert at the card table and couldn't really get it so i got the 1on1 and i'm completely fooled on how much i didnt get. Well I find now after a few weeks practice it's really easy but somewhat hard to do perfectely everytime :p I love it!

  13. its almost impossible to do it as smooth as kenner does it
  14. amen to that
  15. Never say impossible, you don't know until you try.
    Also you should see Steve Freeman do it.... wow...
  16. E.S. Andrews is just one of the guesses at the author. The reasoning behind this is that there was a card cheat alive at the time the book was originally written by the name of E.S. Andrews.

    There are other speculations on who Erdnase was, one is a man named Milton Franklin Andrews, of course the reasoning behind this is the last name Andrews. He was a con-man and card cheat living at the time the book was written also. The Flaw to this theory is that Milton Franklin Andrews was not known to be a well educated person. And, just reading the book you can tell the author is very well educated.

    Wilbur Edgerton Sanders is also a guess at the author of the book. W.E. Sanders is an anagram of S.W. Erdnase.
  17. Or yours... If your S.W.E Shift didn't inspire me so much, I'd probably have quit magic after seeing it... -.-'

    It'd be good to see some videos of it in performance situations, for the people saying it's now easy...

    And yeah James, I totally agree with you about the creation of sleights like this... This and some routines you see, you gotta wonder how on earth someone actually thought of the principle...
  18. I think you can kind of see the evolution of this move in Erdnase. If you look at the Two-Hand Transformation, Second Method, similar mechanics are used in the Longitudinal Shift, except the latter move shifts a whole packet rather than just one card. The SWE Shift just turns the Longitudinal Shift on its side.

    The most interesting thing about Erdnase's shifts is that they use opposing tension on the upper and lower packets to make the move incredeibly quick and (when you have the finger positions right) almost automatic. I don't know anyone else who has come up with anything similar.
  19. I'm still getting over Chad Nelson inventing the Clip/26 Shifts. Unbelievably clever mechanics.
  20. At first when I saw Chris Kenner do it, I thought it was just one card that moved on top, but it is a packet :O I'm practicing it, I do it, but not like Kenner, it will take yeeaarsss..

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