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  1. Hi guys,
    Right i have quite a few original effects and would like them to be on the wire, the only problem is how do i know they will approve them, what i mean is i don't want to spend time and friends time filming and editing when it won't be approved, my 'original' effects could be in an old book from like 10, 20, 30, 40 years ago, i'm just wandering if anyone knows that we can contact theory11 and describe our effect before filming so we don't get dis-approved??


    Dan Parsons
  2. Reward without Risk is fruitless. Take a chance, and see what happens. Either way you're bound to learn something.
  3. Hey Dan,

    Your not from Newport in Wales are you? I don't think that they'll be reviewing tricks unless they are officially submitted in to the system. I think your best bet would be to show your effects to a few of your peers and contact some people in the industry that are pretty knowledgeable, see if they think your effects cut it and find out if they are original. I'd submit then, the ones that make the grade.

  4. well i'm actually from Carmarthen (other side of Swansea) but i go to Newport Uni and will be heading back in about 2 weeks, we should meet up sometime and film some stuff :) And Draven your right take the risk, and if i'm worried then it can't be that special can it, but thanks for the advice guys
  5. I'm 100% up for hooking up for that mate, you got a Youtube? I'll help you take a look at your stuff if you want?

    Here's my Youtube too: YouTube

  6. yea i do but i need to re-film everything, my camera man had no idea what he was doing, also neither did i, my new stuff/channel will consist of only my original material, here's the link anyway: i know it's all naff needs to be changed, got a cool intro for my vids though :)

    Dan Parsons
  7. You could always do the research yourself (contact knowledgeable magicians, visit libraries, search Ask Alexander, etc.) before submitting the effect. In fact, that's probably a useful thing to do anyway, as you may find ideas from other magicians that help you take your effects in different directions.
  8. exactly what i was thinking
    first we show the raw footage and if they like it then we can remake the video and submit it
    hope theory11 does something about it
  9. i would try to contact some people who are knowledgeable. contact more than one person, they could help you out. thats a good start. i would also try to search around and such

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