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  1. So I was checking out how the point system works, and how exactly do you spend points/ how many $=1 point? Like if I had 300 points, how much money would that be if I used it toward an order?
  2. well according to the ways to earn points, 10 points is one dollar spent on theory11.
  3. There are currently FIVE ways to earn points, but unlimited ways to use them. You can apply your points towards limited edition items in The Archive, or towards ANY purchase. Items in The Archive have the point value prominently labeled. If you're applying your points towards a purchase, you can use the fancy slider on the shopping cart page (login first). On that page, you can slide to the left, right, or center to apply your points towards any order.

    Side note - we'll be adding MANY more ways to earn points in the coming weeks. And all of those new ways are FREE!
  4. Woah, woah, woah! Points can be applied to other things that aren't part of the Archive! That sounds really great!
  5. Also do you get points for creating reviews for the wire as well?
  6. Thanks for the reply! I was wondering, however, if the 10 points=one dollar applies to buying things on the site outside of the Archive. For example, I wanted to buy something for three dollars, and had 30 points, would that all cancel out so I would essentially get said three dollar item for free?
  7. For some reason I can't log in to my Archive account, could somebody please help me, by a PM or just a reply

  8. Im still wondering however how the distrubution of the points works. If I upload something to the mediasection, its associated with my forum account, however that account doesn't have anything to do with my wire account or the store account.
  9. It keeps on saying email or password invalid, when its not the email or password because they are both correct. And then when I click forgot? then type in my email address, I then check my email to find that its still empty
  10. Did you make sure you log in with your store account? Doesn't work if you use your forum account
  11. Not sure about unlimited, that sounds more like two to me.
  12. Well he's referring to be able to use them with any purchase as opposed to the x number of items on the archive. Though yes technically, if semantics float your boat, the points are limited to items (and perhaps other things in the future-I'm thinking Christmas contest) on the theory11 Site. You cannot spend them at your local Target store. So yes technically limited. However many many ways to use them within the site. ;-)
  13. I know, I was just pointing out the it heavily depends on the depth of 'unlimited' you want to apply to the word. It could be said that there are unlimited ways to use the things you could get with points, or an unlimited amount of possibilities you can achieve from the Skype sessions, the same thing applies to my post, but the opposite, when you really boil it all down there are two ways. I'm not entirely serious you know :) I was just poking at JB's tendency to over describe things.
  14. Am I really the only one that cares about this?
    an answer would be really really nice

  15. I've seen all your posts, no idea why there are no answers yet, but I'm quite curious myself.
  16. My account won't work, it says my password is invalid. What should I do? :(
  17. i dont understand this system at all...if i willl spend 350 $ and i will get 3500 points can i include for example White Monarchs deck into my recent order ????
  18. They need to do a better explanation of how the archive works, I know you get points and you can then buy stuff. However how do you make an account, how does the account relate to the wire etc etc
  19. /signed...
  20. what do you mean by /signed... ?

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