Are Dan and Dave Buck The Same Person?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Michael Kras, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. Here's a list of observations that may back up my theory that Dan and Dave are the same person:

    1. They are identical twins

    2. I have never seen them on camera together at all, only individually

    3. The photos featuring both have a "photoshop" look about them

    4. They are both of the same technical card skill

    5. When one of them creates a new effect or flourish both share the credit

  2. lmfao
    Im going to let someone else take a crack at this one lol
  3. if you look at the video of them in iceland they are together.........there are two of them.....
  4. Aww, I thought I was on to something.
  5. Dan and Dave are DEF 2 diff people.
    But i actually think (kinda) some other artist we know of and another individual he works with are the same person because i have never seen a picture of the other individual (Not to mention the pictures he does have on his profiles on myspace, etc, all look like they are the more known artist pictures just blurry or the face is blacked out, everything the lesser known individual does the more known has some credit in, and the lesser known one seems to always know everything that is on the more known artists mind.
    BUT i dont know for sure and i dont want to start a stupid thread about it so i dont want to mention his, or their name. But its an artist we all know.
    If i find more evidence then il state who they are but no point in doing so now.
  6. Are you kidding?

    Dan and Dave are even feature on the video on the main page of this site. Not to mention the Iceland video someone already mentioned...
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    I think that we should look at the overall message that was sent to us from this thread.
    "Think outside the box"

    Don't be afraid to think differently.
    That's what separates artists from magicians.
  8. Dan is at least a few inches taller~
  9. If its who i think you're talking about, then i somewhat agree.
    they always seem to do it all together,
    and the lesser known one might be an alter-ego of the other one.
    oh well, something to ponder
  10. what a crazy conspiracy... the truth is that there are actually four Bucks - that's right, the Buck Quadruplets. The Buck Twins we know and love do card magic and flourishing, while the other two - Darryl and Devin - do spongeball magic and Theory 11 is putting a The Spongeball Trilogy soon. True story. They mention it a bit in the Roundtable discussion.
  11. Feel free to PM me who you think it is and il tell you who im talking about to see if its the same person.
    You sound like its the same person.
  12. Even though they're twins. They look and act different. Now De'vo, hmmm that is the big mystery.
  13. My goodness, you guys take things WAAY to seriously. I believe it is YOU who is the idiot for actually believing that this is a serious post.
  14. Man, ppl sure do hate alot on these forums... Shouldn't we all be supporting each other in an effort to advance our art? Sure it may have been a dumb question, but if we shoot everyone down for asking a dumb question, they may never post their good questions when they finally have them... Just a though. :p
  15. Yes Eggnof. That is a good idea.

  16. i would really like to see this proof... because i know some people who don't believe we did (i'm not being sarcastic) :D

  17. Dana and Wayne are the same person.. I was kind of suprised Dan and Dave weren't!

    Now for the ultimate question-Are J. Bayme and Katie the same people!?
  18. I've met 'em, they are twins.
  19. *cracks up and has seizure on floor*

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