Are Dan and Dave Buck The Same Person?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Michael Kras, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. Disgusting! If they are the same person, then Kenner has been living a lie... xD

  2. Damn thats stupid, they arent identical :S
  3. check out their artist teaser
  4. Disgusting? How is that disgusting? That way they could get the guys and the girls!

    [also /sarcasm]
  5. When they lecture or when people meet them, there are two of them.
  6. wow..................that was the most idiotic thing ever

    did you watch what is theory11 videos?
    have you seen them lecture?
  7. Lol we all know who you are talking about *cough*r3mandanielmadison*cough* Daniel would have no reason to do it. Randall said he had no desire to have pictures of himself on the internet because he's not a magician (or somehing of the like). He said Daniel pushed hard for his name to be associated with Thoughts and Randall didn't want the credit. And he knows what's on Daniel's mind because he's a very close friend, updates the site alot and is Daniel's manager.
  8. Or Are There???
  9. You guys still think my initial post was serious? Where's your sense of humour?
  10. you guys are all wrong
    they invented a cloning machine and one of the side effects was flourish card awesomeness
  11. I doubt Erdnase has a myspace, so I'm stumped on who your "masked magician" is.

    That is all.
  13. I am two people...
    Wait, that made no sense at all.
  14. WTF are you saying?
  15. I saw them both live in Las Vegas TOGETHER so they are two different people. Nice guys. I saw one of them do a ONE HANDED Faro shuffle. INCREDIBLE but yes they are two different people.
  16. lol yea it was pretty obvious i was talking about D+M and R3man

  17. I've heard differently, actually.
  18. They have dry personalities but are nice people. What have you heard about them?
  19. Nothing I should say publicly.
  20. Is it just me or do they look alike.:confused:

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