Are magicians geeks?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JD4WG5, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. I think that the reason that people think magiciaans are geeks is because they perform childish routine and they think that you could get in a magic store. For example if you walk up to someone with a prop that looks like its from a magic shop, they'll think you're a geek. However I dont consider theory11 a small magic shop that sells all kinds of nerdy tricks they can get they're hands on, theory 11 does sell magic props, but none that look like they came from a magic shop. Then people will think your a geek and that you go to magic shops; buy cheesy trick then go perfom then claiming that you're a magician. For example smonge balls. And cups and balls is a trick that will make people think you're a geek. Imean , cmon, it look cheesy and everyone knows its from a magic shop
  2. I'm not sure that makes you a geek. The best lacrosse player on my team was raving about how he got some import alligator skin stick, and he's not really considered a nerd...

    And for the record I seem to get between A- and B+ grades
  3. Definition of nerd....

    I don't think being nerdy has anything to do with grades, appearance or social skills...
    Although nerds often have good grades, could look a bit dorky and keep mostly to themselves, that's not why they're nerds. To me, a nerd is someone who is extremely interested in something, often in things that aren't common. Therefore, I think most of us probably is a bit nerdy within the field of magic, but this doesn't mean that we look dorky, have good grades or are lacking social skills... It doesn't have to be a bad thing either. In my opinion you have to be a nerd in the field of magic to become a good one. A guy who gets all the girls could be a magic nerd, but could be a real winner in society whom everyone looks up to...

    Phew, long post, it had to come out :)
  4. A lot of these people are not kids dude, not me, but I'm talking for a major part of this community, and grown up people don't have nerds, geeks, etc. only teenagers do. Just go out and have fun with your friends and don't strive to be cool or whatever.
  5. holy crap i made this topic for the heck of it and i didnt think that i would get that much post keep the comments comin
  6. Heck Yes We Are!
  7. it depends on your personality and how you present yourself me i am not nerdy in any way shape or form. look at d+m does he look nerdy no...... now look at dia vernon does he look nerdy yes.
  8. OK. I was gonna stay out of this one and just let it lay, but then Ninja started in on "nerdy Dai Vernon", so now Im spoiling for an arguement.
    Go look up some older pictures of sly, dapper, lady-killer Dai Vernon. There are several out there.
    Being a geek is no longer just defined by having trouble with girls, or being socially awkward, or wearing a star trek uniform to school. It has to do with an intense interest in something that not everyone "gets" or is "into". I think most magicians fit that bill. You have to have an intense interest or passion to learn quality sleight of hand. And, most people are never going to choose to spend their time perfecting a Hofzinzer Spread Cull or Jackson 5 flourish. In this way, many of us a VERY geeky.
    But that's fine.
    Geeky can still get the girl.
    Geeky can make bank.
    Geeky can be a blast.
    Embrace your geekiness. If it really bothers you, then offset your magic with other interesting things. Play a sport or an instrument. A guy who can play love songs on the guitar AND do the floating rose.... that dude is a pimp.
  9. Magicians can be geeks. But anybody can be a geek. Through my experience geeks are people with a enthusiasm for a hobby. There are magic geeks, guitar geeks, soccer geeks, ect. I think the word geek is taken as a negative thing but really all it is is being enthusiastic about a hobby.
  10. It took you that long?? :p

    (Blink...I love you bro, in a totally heterosexual way though lol)

    Yea, my grades could have been better. I got caught up in all the partyin' stuff, drinkin, and just plain "don't give a damn" syndrome. I barely get by, every year. And while I do magic, which is a bit nerdy, I also race motocross.

    And chicks dig guys that ride motorcycles. :D

    [​IMG] showin' off for the camera. hahahaha!!! :p
  11. I visit these forums every day, and if I don't it's because I'm out. If I'm in, I'm on the computer and I'm here.

    I'm an average C student, but I'm predicted B's to A's at most. (A* doesn't exist at A-Level to be fair).

    Depends on your definition of geek though as has been stated before. In the UK sometimes you're a geek if you don't wear a hooded-jacket, drench yourself in "gold" chains and walk with a highly suspicious limp so... yeah.

    - Sean
  12. Don't you love it when people mimic other cultures to EPIC extremes? Anyway, you could consider me a geek. I code java, play Starcraft, and am a huge LOTR fan. But you wouldn't think that by looking at me. I do, however, have some other hobbies; playing the drums, I'm in several bands and go to a lot of concerts. My grades are slipping though, but y'all don't care.
  13. i get c's d's a's and b's. Last year I failed spanish all year long.

    Don't let anyone tell you that your a geek for doing magic. Everyone in my school knows my name even if I have never met that person before in my life! I also get girls with a lot of magic.

    never think your a nerd. That's stupid. And if someone tells you that your a nerd for your magic then they're the nerd because they're the only person that doesn't like it.

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