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  1. Hey guys! I'm trying to get some info in the area 51 system, and I thought this was the perfect place
  2. If I remember correctly, this topic had been brought up before. It would seem as though this is a major scam. Not only are the effects he promised completely impossible (which I guess would be the point of getting it), even the pics of the dvds and set are computer generated.

    The final decision on the other thread was not to get it.
  3. The domain seems to have expired, but based on what I've seen, yes it's a scam. If you really want to learn hypnosis and psychological influence, I can tell you how. But there's no shortcut. You're going to have to work for it. If you're not ready to put the work in, say so. I don't want to waste my time typing up a list of resources that you may not even take to heart.
  4. What is this? Any link?

  5. It was a scam put up about a year ago by some guy and he was advertising some "top secret" master mentalism and hypnosis guide that didn't exist. He lead people on for months and now the website about it has expired so that's pretty much it.

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