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Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by MitchellStafiej, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. Currently, on my ceiling, I have a card from every single deck I've ever used sticking to the ceiling. I thought it would be a great representation of who I am.

    Share some art you have made with playing cards.

  2. hey man nide idea :D
  3. Here are some pictures of my ceiling.


  4. Wow man thats so cool, stick some cards up there man.
  5. lol you just made my day :D nice ceiling
  6. well, good thing that this aint copywritted, im about to stick some on mine soon.
  7. Hehe ! great idea
  8. awesome idea ill give you $10 to cover the entire ceiling with no two cards being the same
  9. hmm, I may buy some black tigers and creat the into some square arrays on the wall and frame them, but cool ceiling idea....
  10. You think you can make an ashtray or something like that out of cards?

    I know how to make a wallet with cards.
  11. Lol nice idea!! I wonder what would my mum say when she sees my ceiling pasted with cards. :rolleyes:
  12. That's some nice work! I might do that too... It's gonna take only three decks for me... face up, face down red, face down blue... and whatever else sexy backs I can find... Guardians?
  13. ^
    Spare the guardians plzzz
  14. yeah i can make one too
  15. I just went to FedEx/Kinkos and there was a clerk there watching me do some card magic, she said she went to a restaurant with a performing magician, and when you walk in, the ENTIRE ceiling of the place is covered with signed cards. apparantly his signature move (no pun intended) is to do an ACR with a signed card and it ends up on the ceiling :D

    she said the restaurant wasn't that good, but that magician kept her coming back there everytime she could! haha

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