[Ask] The Jones Change on the DnD Trilogy

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by white_lynx86, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. did they teach it wrong?
    after i practice it alot, i noticed that it don't change

    i looked again at the explanation
    and i found that he showed 6 of clubs at the beginning, and also ended with 6 of clubs

    i also noticed that at the queen trick that he performed, he used the clip chift to vanish the last queen...they didn't teach that either...
  2. The Jones change is taught incorrectly, but they feature the correct tutorial for it on their youtube channel.

    The clipshift was performance only on the trilogy, but I believe they teach an alternative to it in the tutorial? You can learn the clipshift in 'Surfaced' by Chad Nelson.

  3. its also HERE in the theory11 media section
  4. Welcome to 9 months ago, the weather hasn't changed much.
  5. well...
    i just bought this dvds tho
  6. Not everyone buys things when they first come out :/
  7. 9 months ago? It's been a year and two months.
  8. Yeah I just guessed obviously.

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