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  1. So I have been trying to think of new methods to grab someones attention so that they know you are a magician without walking up and saying: "Hi! I'm a magician, want to see some magic?" (Followed by a wave with your fingers...) David Stone suggests a good one with his fire wallet, and I was wondering if someone else has any other good ones.
  2. the Self Tying Shoelace ?
  3. 2 words, flash paper. take some and toss it in the air.
    or do somethin cool with it.
    i was at work, and i took some flash paper and tossed it into the air and people were like wtf are you a magician? haha
    and its cheaper than a fire wallet
  4. care to elaborate? or are you going to walk up to someone and go, "Hey, look, my shoelace is untied."
  5. @Theatrehead,

    A possible way to begin;
    Walk near your potential target to perform for, flick your loose laces near his/her shoe. Stoop down when you notice him/her looking, but look back up and say that s/he is stepping on your laces. Usually people will react by stepping away, without really checking if they're stepping on your laces or not. Then go into STS (?). Just a possible way to introduce magic...casual occasions, small miracles.
  6. "Excuse me, is that yours....?" (produce spongeball out of general vicinity of the spectator)

    I use red sponge balls, so if I see red shirt/jacket, I pretend to pull it off of there.
  7. fire wallet or flash paper sound like they would work great
  8. Does anyone else think this thread should be titled "How to be cheesy", reading the replies?

    I don't have a problem with using a fire wallet or flash paper to get attention, flames and such do the job nicely. But think about what image you're projecting about yourself. I really don't see the benefit in introducing yourself as a magician if the next thing people think is, "Where's the top hat, and is that a dove in your cloak?"

    Redi, what's the context that you want to get attention in? Are you thinking about it in terms of walking up to someone in a mall, or when you first meet the friend of a friend, or at a party?

    For the first - what's wrong with just introducing yourself? It's by far the best way of letting people know, because you take a situation where you're entering someone else's space, and someone else's life - and then you take control of the situation, introduce yourself and what you do on your own terms.

    For the second - not really the sort of thing you want to blurt out...

    For the third - don't overdo getting out there and performing. Word of mouth does wonders.
  9. I am with prae on this one. It I am hired to perform I will flat out say so, I see using magic as an intro about as effective as a pick up line in a club.

    If however I was at a party just chilling usally someone will bring up the fact that I am a performer. If not after several beers I usally mention it to the girl I am flirting with and will show her one piece, usally something that I close my close sets with and leave it at that.
  10. What's wrong with just introducing yourself without any props or magic related things on you. Seriously it seems like a lot of people here need to learn that there is a proper time and place for everything.

    Get to know someone first and then maybe later on in the friendship start showing them a few things here and there. Otherwise you're just going to end up being a performance monkey.
  11. I think he meant, how to stop people on the street to show magic too

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