Battles. Where?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jrwyss, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. I was just wondering where the battles went to.

    Did T11 get rid of it?
  2. In short, yes.
  3. The battle section has been discontinued, at least for now. We take great pride in our work and innovations that come along with it, but this feature didn't seem to get the traction we hoped it would. So we thought we would be the first to suck it up and say hey, that didn't work as well as we thought, and move along. We've got plenty of other ideas up our sleeves!
  4. As I said before, I didn't cared that much for the changes but the battle section did saddened me quite a bit. Althought it wasn't all that jazz to be there "battling" it did took me some time to actually get to #1 and to stay there unbeaten.

    And then poof! it's like it never happened.
  5. hey, what happend to "the wire" page?
  6. There has been multiple threads about the wire already... JB says that it's going to be released soon...
  7. I admire all of ya'll at theory11 HQ for this statement. Looking forward to these other ideas!
  8. It's too bad about the battle section. I think it would have worked quite well in the new website format. It was just too hard to find before.
  9. I'm not saddened by the loss of the battle section. Frankly, I never saw that section as anything more than a forum for bragging rights. I'd rather focus on bettering myself so I'm more entertaining to my audiences, than trying to be better than another magician.
  10. I liked the Battle Arena, it was a great place to get critique and advice while throwing in the challenge element as well.

    Hopefully, T11 will come up with another tool that helps me get better at sleights and effects.

    Like RDChopper said, I also spent a lot of time trying to reach the elite ranks of the top 10... then *poof* it's gone.
  11. I thought the Battle Arena was awesome. I never submitted any videos, but I used to like to go through and vote on all the performances. Can't wait to see what they're gonna replace it with though!
  12. Man, one of the reasons of why I am so frustrated with this is because I actually tried to make it a good section. I forced people to battle me using live performances, and it was cool to try to give it your best shot to win :)
  13. Darn, I worked so hard to get to #294.
  14. Agreed for magic. However I do find the battle section a great idea for those battling in cardistry.

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