Beating a basic protocol, thoughts and input needed.

May 22, 2024
Hello everyone!

I hope everything I'll be saying here respect the rules, as I'm not very sure about it. But, here's the whole ordeal:

I've always wanted to beat a specific "basic" protocol: riffle riffle strip riffle cut. The whole idea is that the cut is done by handing the deck out in front of me, and not keeping it in my hands.

The two first riffle would be used to make a stack, then a fake strip with a simple thumb break, but it's the last riffle that is problematic to me because of the fact that I want to push the deck in front of me for the cut. So any pull out or push-through is out of the question.

The only solution I was able to find was to use a zarrow shuffle, but then it create so many more problems with tells and flashing, and I cannot make my normal/legit riffle fit my zarrow, because that would not only mean to learn the zarrow but also re-learn to riffle stack as well.

So then I thought of the Oienk Shuffle, but spending over 200€ euros on some barely findable book just for one move is... Yeah. You get my point, lol.

Maybe you people have any other idea?
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