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  1. Hi Everyone, doing magic with about 2 months, was wondering if people could recommend some popular card and coin tricks for street magic
  2. I think 2 card monte is simple but you can get good reaction, you only need to know a triple lift (3 cards instead of 2 with double lift) and top change.
    Ambitious card is also a classic, you can make this one as hard as you like
  3. Yeah 2 card monte, and vanish were the first tricks I learned. Still have to learn the ambitious card. I also know card to mouth, rub change, Hindu force, clavier cut, cross cut force. As for coins I know French drop, palm and fake pass. I use the dynamic coins gimmick, Chinese sticks and sponge balls too.
  4. For street magic...most tricks are very simple and basically you can do the same thing over and over and just change the story and style to do something 'new'.
    Dunno if it has a name but there is an effect where audience member karate chops a SMALL packet of cards held by me and find here chosen card there. Am sure Chris Pratt has performed that.
    You can check out Free Magic Live channel too.
    I find the above effect great, really audience interactive.
    Just remember
    if you know a hundred ways to find a card but only one way to reveal it, it looks as if you know only one card trick.
    On the other hand if you know a one way to find a card but a hundred ways to reveal looks as if you know a hundred card tricks.
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  5. Royal road has a lot of good beginner slights and tricks, and you can get it for about 5 bucks
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  6. I agree, The Royal Road is where you should start for Cards.
    For Coins, check out J. B. Bobo's Modern Coin Magic, or some of Michael Ammar's DVDs
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  7. Thanks for the advice :)
  8. I just picked this up and they start teaching you things right in the beginning! Good investment!
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