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Being a "Youtube" Magician

Aug 17, 2010
"The argument being that there is no one performance media that is better then the other!"

So, magic on the radio would be just as good?

"If a spectator is burning your hands, a top change is near impossible. I don't understand if you are finally throwing a different point into the mix or trying to do something else."
I was illustrating one limitation to seeing magic performed on video (a spectator can 'burn' a larger area on video than they can live, making physical misdirection less effective).

"If Cyril came to my town and I had no flipping idea what a Cyril was, ie there were no youtube videos or promo videos, I would not buy a ticket"
That was not the question - you know who he is, you brought him up first. Knowing who he is, would you go see him live, or just watch him on YouTube?

"if it was David Copperfield, I'd buy a ticket I a heart beat"
Doesn't this kind of make my point? You could just watch him on YouTube and bring your own food and go to the bathroom whenever you wanted. Presumably, you feel that the inconvenience and cost is outweighed by a superior experience. You have been arguing that there's no real difference, in terms of experience, between live and video.

"I was neutral in my original posts and still am neutral on why Live is better then Recorded"
Hard to believe you were neutral when you call it "THE STUPID argument that live magic is better then magic viewed at home"

“Just a thought, but why not perform for your friends and forget about putting videos online? Magic is best seen in person, anyway. “This suggests to me that you have that kind of mentality"
No, it says it explicitly. I've been upfront and honest with my opinions. I enjoy an honest debate, as I learn more from people I disagree with than those who think as I do. I love gettin ganother point of view, clearly articulated and solidly reasoned. I had hoped we could converse in an open, honest and mature manner.

"You're not going to get a satisfaction of a straight answer when way or the other because I do not care."
But I see I was wrong.
May 31, 2008
1) Make sure you are in a well-light area.
2) Stand in front of a nice background, avoid messy rooms. Try hanging a clean white sheet behind you.
3) Use an actual presentation.
4) Avoid Linkin Park music.
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