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Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by MagicIsDead, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. hey... anyone ever tried the 1994 USPCC spiderman cards?
    the finish is awesome!!
  2. what the hell? can you post a pic

    also, air-flow finish is awesome.
  3. its kinda like th9 but better... its like the best thing to fan, too bad it has the ugliest print of spiderman comic drawings ever.. check them out at ebay!
    they sell for like $6.
  4. well thanks for the info but those cards look ugly dude. im pretty sure u r a n00b (takes one to know one) when you say "the BEST card finish" do you mean better than your two other packs of cards, a 1st edition guardians and a brown wynn deck?

    i'd rather not pay $10+ for an old crappy looking deck that probably isn't going to fan any better than say, a ghost deck.

    now if the finish really WAS the best ever, it'd be worth it, but i kind of don't believe you, post a video of urself throwing down a perfect giant fan with them, and that would shut me up real quick tho :)

  5. Sheesh dude, you have quite the attitude huh? I mean...calling people n00bs and what not...

    Let the man think what he thinks. If you are going to express your opinion, at least present it in a more professional manner.
  6. dude i said it takes one to know one. i'm n00b too.

    one axiom of knowledge is, when you don't know much... you don't REALIZE how n00b u are.

    this is why n00bs constantly think they "invent" moves that are actually really old. they don't know what they don't know. that sounds redundant but I mean, there are known unknowns *(for me, that would be, how the hell do you do a sybil) and there are unknown unknowns *(i suspect for MagicIsDead, he hasn't tried all the cards out there, so how can he know these are the BEST?)

    still with me?
  7. shut the hell up trashman!
    im not a noob.. i know more things than you can dream up. jeeze dont be so arrogant.. i know what im talking about.. not like you.
  8. you have NO IDEA how good these things feel.
  9. jaysus dude calm down I never told you to shut up. how many different types of cards do you own? can you do perfect fans? you're saying these have a smoother finish than UV500 ? smoother than Texan Palmettos???

    I'm not saying you're lying, but it's HIGHLY UNLIKELY that these cards have the best finish ever, because usually these "novelty decks" have all sorts of funky colors and designs, and they have to be printed on funky presses that don't allow for as good of finishes. (see: 1st ed. guardians)

    see, when someone says "this card finish is the BEST EVER" it's kind of a really big statement to make. after all there are copious amounts of n00bs saying that brown Wynn decks have the most amazing finish. which is hella a lie, or they are just ignorant from not knowing what other cards feel like.

    so apparantly i need to shut up, you know "more things than I can dream up". which is an over-statement just like "these cards have the BEST finish ever!" how can you possibly know what I could dream up? all i said was that you sound like a n00b....

    prove me wrong, post a pic of your perfect giant fan with these AMAZING cards! I won't hold my breath though. ;)
  10. well okay since there's only one way to really get to the bottom of this... I just ordered a pack.

    so, if they rule, thanks for the heads up!

    if they suck (more likely) then you just kicked my ass, because I wasted 10 bucks!

    so either way ... good game :D
  11. Settle down cowboys

    Never new the topic of best finish would be so heated. Well anyways I am a big fan of the UV-500 air flow finish and the bicycle air-cushion finish. Those are the one I use most often and they are great right when they come out of the box, but throw some good powder on them and they become even better. I like them because they are always consistent and they can be found easily. What is the name of the finish on the Spiderman deck.
  12. spiderman deck was made by USPCC so it's probably "air flow finish"

    but really the names don't mean much , USPCC makes the "linen finish", "air flow finish", UV500 finish, linoid (?) finish, I've also heard of "embossed"... I don't really think you can go off the name of a process. EXCEPT with UV500, those are all awesome. but some air-flow finished decks still clump.

    btw i'm calm... i am just totally obsessed with finding the perfect handling deck of cards, so this thread piqued my interest. I helllllllla doubt that a freakin SPIDERMAN deck is the best finish ever. BUT I'm not going to know until I handle it myself so this is how we'll figure this out, I'll write a fair review I promise you that.
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  13. Watch, Dan and Dave and stuff are gonna start using those Spiderman cards.

    Wouldnt that be irony?
  14. This should be good...
  15. well good luck with that one.
    they are made by uspcc.. but i have no idea what stock it is and or finish..
    i love the airflow btw.. but e decks are too thick. i find them heavy for flourishing and they kina clump up.
    i have to admit that these are butt-ugly cards ok but im talking about the overall quality of it.
    i have no idea why i bought this thing in the first place but they are quite good for practicing.
    the stock is like thin th9s and well i they wear out quite evenly. i have one thats like six months now and they still get a good fan going on(try using the S fan on these suckers) pressure fan on these are quite good to. they hold up together so well actually, not like bikes at all.

    but to get to the botttom of it.. i really want to know what to you guys have the best card finish.. thats all
  16. just got me one of those wynn decks..

    they are quite good.. a bit too stiff for my taste but the handling is really good!
    i dont know how im gonna pull a pressure on these things cause they are quite thick, maybe it just needs a bit of wear.

    great card btw.. nice design. gonna get me some more of these

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