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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by princeholiday, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. I know it's an old thread, but I am a new member. SO... here goes. There are many Great Coin Magicians, many of which we may never know of. (pre-Bobo guys). Some are Permanently etched in our minds as Great such as all who participated in the NYCMS series. And many "underground" guys that came up for air to show us some really cool stuff. (that is where I would put Ponta, my opinion and I do think he is awesome) Eric Jones "An Extension of Me" and the "Metal" series. Craig Petty, Jay Sankey, Reed McClintock, Curtis Kam, Dean Dill, Rune Klan, Gary Kurtz, Troy Hooser, Mike Eaton and countless others but there are many out there who have contributed a lot to coin magic and just dont have a ton of books or Dvds on the market. David Neighbors has a ton of stuff (still waiting to be released) I remember buying a book on coin stuff from Dan Watkins many years ago 2002 or so. (a first edition Coinvanish) (that I ended up losing in a truckstop a few years back) and he made his way to NYCMS over the years. But I have to give some credit where credit is due - Marion Boykin is one of my personal favorites. (not just because we have become friends over the last couple years, but he is truly a very talented individual with great "pure SOH" chops although he does occasionally wring in a C/S Gaff. He also sells his routines through the great VinnyMarini's website at an outstanding value for what you get and he is personable enough and easy to reach that he will help you through any hurdle you may encounter along the way with his stuff. All that said, (and I know there are many big names to add to the list but not omitted on purpose) I don't think there is or ever will be an answer to who is the BEST COIN MAGICIAN. They are all great in their own rights.
  2. Ramsay? I read through the whole thread and I didn't see his name...
  3. I would put him Right up there with the bobo crew but as I said, I left a lot out. Not purposely. Just too many to namr.
  4. In my opinion both David Roth and Slydini are deserving of that title. But it is somewhat hard to say who is the best.
  5. David Roth is the grandfather of coin magic and heavily inspired all of sankeys stuff, but I have to go with jay sankey. I use a lot of his stuff all the time :)

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