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  1. jay sankey is more of a card guy though
  2. Sankey is just as much of a coin guy as cards. he is much better with coins in my opinion!
  3. I also love watching Justin Miller do coin magic, I havent really seen much coin stuff tho.
  4. Brad Christian forevaaa!
  5. A few perhaps not mentioned, as I agree with, Kurtz, Stone, Troy Hooser and David Roth..actually, Chris nailed many of them.

    Here are a few others that are very good.

    Joe Rindfleisch
    Nathan Kranzo
    Mike Rubinstein
  6. Oh, I don't know how - but I forgot Brian Roberts
  7. Out of ALL coin magicians: T. Nelson Downs (you cant argue with that.)

    Out of the coin magicians still alive: David Roth
  8. Homer and Chris of course!What about Williamson,Gertner,Kozak all have been great coin guy's as well.
  9. Ohhhhhhh... Okay, I can't name one...

    Gary Kurtz

    Giacomo Bertini

    Homer Liwag

    Chris Kenner

    Troy Hooser


    Al Schneider

    And more that don't come to mind straight away... I'll review my post later.

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    I still say Downs, Roth, Ammar, Slydini, and my the man that introduced me to all of it, J.B. Bobo.

    All the best,
  11. T. Nelson Downs the King of Coins.
  12. Rune Klan Homer Liwag Chris Kenner and of course David Roth.
  13. Thats a hard question to answer. First of all, its not T nelson downs. He was certainly one of the greatest for everything he did but he couldn't be the best because he was standing on the ground while the rest of us get to stand on his shoulders.

    If i'm making a list based on skill, and not (necessarily) entertainment value. The guys who can do crazy stuff that others can't do and the guys who do it the smoothest. The list would go something like this:

    Giacomo Bertini
    Reed McClintock
    Kurtis Kam
    Kainoa Harbottle
    Rune Klan
    Eric Jones
    Gary Kurtz
    Troy Hoosier
    Ponta the Smith

    Wow im drawing a blank now. But those are a few.
  14. Hmm depends on which genres I'd judge them on.
    To me, I would say the best coin magicians are Giacomo Bertini, Kainoa Harbottle and David Roth since I love their techniques and they're the ones who inspired me the most.
    But on the other hand, if I'd judge on performance, excluding the ones I've already mentioned, I'd probably add Eric Jones and Michael Rubinstein.

    But if I'd stop being an over-analytic ass and get to the point I'd just say Giacomo Bertini.
  15. i would say eric jones and shot ogawia
  16. ponta the smith

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