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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by princeholiday, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. I have to say I put my vote into David Stone.
    I mean, after watching his "Basic Coin Magic" dvd's I have to say, he is amazing.

    Ponta the Smith has very good hands, but I can't say he's the "best" coin magician, because as I see, he's just really good at manipulating coins, which doesn't mean that he's a good magician.
    Until I see some real performances, I can't say he's a the "best".

    But anyways, David Stone. Whenever I'm watching performance videos of David Stone, whenever he does his coin magic, it actually seems like "real" magic because of his charisma and technique.

    Btw, Basic Coin Magic is the way to go. Period.
  2. whats funnier is his name is about cards.
  3. Okay all you diehard hardliners lol Im going with what looks most magical to me and that would be Ponta Smith. His moves are so natural and smooth you can't tell that he's executing a sleight. With the other coin guys I can tell whats going on or know when sleights are occuring. Ponta's coin magic doesn't need patter for misdirection or a presentation for it to be entertaining. Im gonna admit I was fooled with at least half the stuff he was doing in his vidoes.
  4. shoot ogawa....
  5. In my oppinion is Homer Anthony Liwag one of the best out there, and Ponta the smith is a killer guy too :))
  6. Magicians are interested in technique. Laymen are not. Technique doesn't necessitate good performances. Who's the better magician, the one who can perform an invisible classic pass at the magic club, or the one who brings down the house at a theatre every night?

    Spot on, Scott.
  7. Ponta the Smith, he has some of the cleanest sleights I have ever seen.
  8. Because that is what a good magician is all about, clean sleights, yes?

    Ah, I do lose hope for T11 sometimes...
  9. don't lose hope Praetoritevong. they'll come around. i like to think that i did.
  10. I'd like to put Justin Miller here. I didn't read entire 7 pages, so his name might have. Not just for his work on Silver Dreams (though it is brilliant), his restaurant works (coin and others) are nothing short of amazing. How he performs it, how he routined it, it's all very well thought out. I don't know I would call him the best of the best, but at least one of the best.
  11. Ditto :)

    Oh and im not talking about the pokemon. Haha :p
  12. hows about we stop debating whos best, and go earn ourselves that title?
  13. Kaoina Harbottle.
  14. its good to learn by observing the best of the best... sure pure hard work and studying in a cave will get you to a strong performance level. but combine that with observing those who've gone before and its deadly
  15. How much I agree with you here. But then I remember the age group of MOST the people posting on this web site and I just retract that thought. Prae, you are one of the few that keep me coming back. I have just learned that there are some people that I have to tune out, and some that I have to pay a bit more attention to =P
  16. Shoot Ogawa is my favorite as of last week, I met him at the Magic Castle and he shook my hand, he was adorable when he tried to spell my name.

    I LOVE YOU SHOOT ! ! !

    My excuse for loving him: I am a GIRL
  17. Eric Jones, Ponta, and Homer Liwag are my favorite coin handlers. You really can't forget about past coin handlers but you can't say they are the best because they are legends. people like Eric Jones and them can coin handle with the best of them even thought they probably would not admit that they believe they are as good as the legends but they are to me.
  18. Ponta The Smith
  19. Finally someone mentions this spectacullar magician, i agree with you, he's hilarious, entertaining and has an amazing technique.

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