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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by princeholiday, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. It will be hard to label someone as the "best", because it depends on what we mean by the word, the "best"?

    If we are talking about the most successful (money and fame), then yeah, we would have to name people like David Roth, etc...

    If we are talking about creativity, we would have to go further back to the pioneers like Bobo...

    However, when it comes to technical perfection, then people like Ponta the Smith get my vote.

    The thing about Japanese people, and this may sound stereotypical, but quite accurate, I ASSURE you (I live in Japan), is that, when they find a hobby, they don't diddle daddle with it. People here take their hobby to heart, and focus on nothing but the hobby. Often, doing more than one type of hobby takes too much time and money here, so they have to specialize. The way Ponta the Smith has put in time to master such simple sleights, and such difficult sleights, is far more worth of praise than other magicians I have seen. His dedication to the art of coins is the best I have seen.
  2. ditto. Ponta the smith
  3. David Roth, and Ponta the Smith.
  4. idk best but MY personal favorite is David stone as im sure some one already said but i just like his style i suppose.
  5. after going back and thinking about it a little more, i would have to agree. he does the best coin MAGIC. There may be people who are more skilled than him (im not sure, i haven't seen much of his stuff) but based off of what i have seen it is the best/most magical coin magic out there. It looks like he does nothing and the magic happens. Which is just what needs to be done.
  6. To everyone who put "Ponta the Smith" - SHAME ON YOU.

    Fanboys and posers.

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  7. Well, I don't perform coin magic so I don't know who has best technique. But I most enjoy watching Ponta the Smith (hes just ridiculous) and Eric Jones. Also Slydini was pretty incredible with coins.
  8. I'm just curious why you would say that?
  9. T. Nelson Downs!

    David Roth!

    Eric Jones!

    Ponta the Smith!

    Marion Boykin!

    Tim Feher!

    Jay Sankey!

    well, that's a lot of people. But all of them are great coin magicians.
  10. Some would say it is ridiculous to name someone "best coin magician" (of all time, mind you) after only being involved in the magic community a year or so, who has recently released one DVD that displays technique over creativity, originality, or any elements of presentation, and who has done far less for coin magic than MOST professional coin magicians.

    Ponta has great technique. But there's more to coin magic than that, so this can't earn him the title of "best". What is he like in front of an audience? How creative is he? We don't know. But we know this about other pros, and that comes along with great sleight of hand skills.

    It's hilarious that this name only comes up because people just bought his DVD. If anyone releases a coin DVD on theory11, ever, I can guarantee that people will fall for the hype and novelty of the "new", and put his/her name as the best, as well.

    Forget any of the true greats... Let's just go with who put out the latest release.

    That's where the "shame on you" comes from. Ponta has not been around long enough to earn the respect required to be called the greatest coin magician. He can't be compared to Roth, Rubinstein, Kam, Neighbours, Sol Stone, and the other TRUE greats.

    I wonder how many people commented in this thread who have no idea who some of the real greats are. Names like Sol Stone, Roger Klause, David Neighbors, etc.

    Posters who just throw up the only name they know, who have no actual knowledge of coin magic and its history, should not bother giving their "opinions", because an uneducated opinion is worthless.

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  11. Scott, I agree with you in more ways than you know. You probably remember my coin pass that I only showed you and you alone. You probably respect the fact that I don't want anyone else to see it. Or, you don't remember. That is fine and good.

    The only problem comes from the material that he displays. In that sense, many of us have already used the same moves. Not many of us have constructed the same sequences. I still agree with you bro. Not much besides a guy practicing on each of his coins. (There are so many elements that aren't his own).
  12. Exactly. And you're right- he's showing his chops, which is all well and good- but not much in the way of originality in terms of plot, presentation, or structure.

    I remember that coin pass- still like it. Been working on it a bit, lately, from a slightly different position. Haven't shown anyone- I understand you want it kept "underground" (so to speak) for now.

  13. Not just for now. Forever. Not "underground." Just "under girl radar."

    Just messing around but I still haven't seen that and if you do I'd like it if you send my way. I've always loved that move.
  14. roth the best ?

    you can't use Roth 's routine in any real situation
  15. You have no idea what you're talking about. For the record- I use Roth's stuff all the time.

  16. Roth is a creator- not a performer. I think what he means to say is that using Roth's patter will bore any audience to death, but with the right patter, roth's stuff is incredable.

  18. i noticed that, but i wasn't ballsy enough to put a million hahas in a post. you win mike. you're officially ballsier than me. haha
  19. I would have to say homer liwag or ponta the smith.
  20. This is hilarious.
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