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  1. Hi,

    I'd really like a good editing software, I really want sony vegas pro 11 but its too expensive (£250). I'll use it for my YouTube videos, projects and trailers for the wire, So if you could recommend any it'll be greatly appreciated. Just so you know I don't mean anything like Windows movie maker which is basically rubbish. So if you can tell me the prices in pounds and whats it called.

    Thanks :D
  2. If you have a Mac, iMovie is pretty awesome and best of all, FREE. If that's not enough for you, get Final Cut Pro X from the Mac App Store.

    The only editing software I've used in Windows is Vegas Pro (versions 9 and 10), and they're quite nice.
  3. Final Cut Pro 7, no doubt. That's what I use to edit at my job, and I'm working in Corporate Communications at a multi-million dollar company. We're looking into adobe premiere, but FCP7 is the way to go. Final Cut X is just a fancy version of iMovie as far as I'm concerned. I've learned that without good footage, a nice edit won't be good enough. Always focus on your angles, post production can only get you so far.
  4. There are other versions than the Pro version of Vegas aswell. For example the Movie Studio Version, which costs like 50€. Doesn't have as much compositiong and scripting features than the Pro version but I highly doubt you need those anyway (if you're starting out). Just rememeber that a good editing software won't automatically make your videos look good.

    its not. I used it quite alot before I got my copy of Vegas. It has a big timeline, you can cut your clips and you can add music. You don't need anything more than that. The downsides are the lack of features that help to manage and organize footage but shouldn't be that important for a few youtube videos.
  5. I find when I'm on windows movie maker I'm limited to the things I can do on there, I'd like to have a larger selection
  6. I have a PC
  7. I'm on a MacBook Pro so I normally just go with iMovie or Final Cut Pro X (trial version) may order the full version soon.

    When I used to use a PC I would tend to use a program called Pinnacle which was very easy to learn and provided me with enough features for my money. You could look into Pinnacle. I'm not sure what version they are up to now.
  8. I am using the best editing software for edit my photos is Adobe Photo Shop this is very good and i think the world's famous software to edit your picture the thousands or millions of users of this software in the world and they are all very happy and comfortable with this software i am also comfortable with this software.....
  9. I'd like a software to edit videos, not pictures
  10. Although it's a lot of money, i really recommend vegas. There's pretty much no limit to what you can do on there, it's great.

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