best sandwich effect for strolling or table hopping ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by danielmontagne, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. HI,
    i m looking for a good sandwich for strolling or table hopping, can someone help me ?
  2. Have you checked out Eric Jones' Ishkabibble Sandwich?
  3. There is no one routine that is "Best"

    it depends on your 'Level' and how 'comfortable' you are with certain sleights and what you want to 'Achieve'

    Joyride - Dorian Rhodell (Avenue)

    quite a good '3 Phase' routine... it's got different "Visual" points which keeps it intriguing .. and easy enough to change a couple of the 'moves' to fit your comfort level

    Mistaken Sandwich - Bill Goodwin (Reflections)

    A more 'Magical' take on the 'Sandwich' plot as a 'Wrong Card' changes into the 'Right Card'

    Subway - Dan & Dave

    it's got a 'Visual Appeal' to it.. quick and straight forward


    Do you want it 'Impromptu'? 'Gimmicks'? 'Borrowed Deck'? etc..
  4. The one with the best presentation.
  5. Joyride is a really good one, I also highly recommend Search and Destroy by Aaron Fisher, one of my favorites. Or you can always make up your own to suit your needs.
  6. Ray Kosby's Venus Trap: It is difficult, but quick and super visual. It's on his DVD: Impossible Card Magic.
  7. First recommendation is Search and Destroy. Second is Rich Aviles' Subwich (I think). I know the person, but the name kind of escapes me.
  8. Search and Destroy, Ishkabbible Sandwhich are good ones, to go with, Along with the ones mentioned.

    If you watch Search and Destroy you see that Aaron does perform it in a Restaurant setting so it would speak volume that the trick could be used there. As for the other ones mentioned, give them a go and find out if they suit your needs or not.
  9. Intriguing 'Search And Destroy' is mentioned so much.. i really don't fancy it a'tall
  10. One of the sandwich effects I use the most is in Smooth Operations called "The Chaser". I like it because of the surprises and the visualness too. Not too difficult either, worth checking out. Hope this helps.

    Edit: Another thing I think it has going for it is it's more of a well structured routine as oppose to the card appearing in the sandwich. :)
  11. i like Ray's dvd but it's so hard ! but it's ideal for strolling, i'm looking for a chest level sandwich a la Guy Hollingworth 's waving the aces, i know jorride a good one, and Bill Goodwin's one too, i'm searching for a no table effect and at chest level, i found one, it's on Michael Vincent 's dvd not explain but i get it
  12. It also depends on what fits your 'Character and Persona'
  13. more shy than David Williamson !
  14. I really like "Sandwich Aces" from Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic. I highly recommend that effect and that book.
  15. The Hole Thing... You can find it here on T11 as a 1on1 download.

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