Best tricks in TA?

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  1. For those of you who own TA: What, in your opinion, are the five best tricks in True Astonishments?:D
  2. The Big Tiny, Extraordinary Proof, Naked Strange, Half-Moon Voodoo, Water Trap.

    There are many other great ones though.
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    There are a lot of great tricks on the set. My five favorite effects are Twilight Angels, Pack of Lies, Transcendental Bar Bet, Extraordinary Proof, and Water Trap. Out of those Water Trap is my favorite. I seriously can't say enough good things about that one. Just. Oh man! lol. Bro Gilbert seriously rocked out on that one.
  4. For me?
    Transcendental Bar Bet
    Extraordinary Proof
    Naked Strange
    CASANOVA inc
    Dr Fun
    Shuffing Lesson
    ...oh god too many great effects
  5. Extraordinary proof, Twilight Angles and Shuffling lesson.

    However, I already did twilight angels regularly before buying TA (bought the trick individually about two years previously) so out of the ones above I'd say Extraordinary proof is my fave. It REALLY fooled me when i watched it....

    One of the easter eggs called 'Fizzmaster' is quite good as well. Not an earth shattering miracle but quite a puzzling little impromptu effect.

  6. I'm really surprised so many people listed Extraordinary Proof actually... o_O The method's been done before, with MUCH better presentation and justification.
  7. Actually it has a great presentation that you can connect with your spectator with! I did this with a very spiritual person and talked about deja vu, and re-occurring dreams, and talked about the movie 23 for a while. She got very into the conversation.She started tearing up at the end of the effect because she was so into what I was talking about.
  8. I don't really have too many favorite things on DVD.

    I like The Invisible Palm due to not having to use the aces.
    Reswindled is kind of niffty.
    and a few of the other effects are pretty good too.
  9. To be honest I really dint like the effects in true astonishments....
    I only liked three...

    Halfmoon Voodoo
    Extraordinary Proof
  10. You missed the point completely. I'm not saying it can't turn into a good effect, I'm just saying that there's much better out there, that start off better than what is offered here.
  11. Hey praetoritevong, where can I find this version that you're saying? I'm quite interested to see it.


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