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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by clllllust, Feb 11, 2008.

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  1. look at the newest newsletter ;)
  2. I'm so confused.

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    You can check out the latest theory11 news bulletin that was released here, featuring topics ranging from the Bicycle Centurions to the release of Prophet, and its parallel news post by clicking here. Cerca Trova...

    P.S. A special announcement will be posted on Monday at 11:00pm EST, regarding release information about a little something... all I can say is, "Be there or be Dana [who is also there]."

  4. Just got it. Wondering if I made it in as one of eleven (or one of umpteen).
    Do we have a count?
  5. I am unnecessarily confused...

  6. This deck looks sweet! It is definitely a change from the normal!
  7. It doesn't say anything about anything special.
  8. cuso how the hell did u get those centurions? o_O
  9. In the picture that is in newsletter, they look alot smaller than the regular bicycle... Or DM hands became alot bigger lol.
  10. i got another deleted post...:(

    cerca trova guys!
  11. Dude how did you get those?? lol:cool:

    Off topic but :D I sent you a pic but it hasnt been uploaded to flickr yet
  12. Well, I sent in my email at about 8 30 this morning (Pacific Time) or 11 30 Eastern. I hope I was one of the first ones. These cards look pretty cool.

  13. Well you never really know. I sent mine in at 11:50 Eastern time, so let's hope that stands up.

    You also have to take into account the people who may be following the hunt who don't post on the forums. It's all a matter of luck, and a bit of source code skill :p.

  14. I think I am one among eleven, anybody else?
  15. Depends, how long ago did you post your entry?
  16. wait nvrmind, didnt see how far back it went. Like an hour and a half ago.
  17. I know I am at least 1 in a 11 hundred
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  19. Not a fan of the Centurions at all,

    I mean, sure they look ok.

    But in comparison to the Guardians, there is nothing which is going to make me go 'Wow I need a million of each'

    In Style they are fairly similar, but I much prefer the design of the Guardians.

    What is with every company bringing out so many damn black decks.

    They are great for loops, and flourishing, but are shocking for Magic. And from my memory (Though sometimes I get slightly confused with all the treasure hunting, code searching etc) the reason we are here is for MAGIC.

    Anyways, I will buy a deck to have a look, and cant give full judgement until we see the full deck.

    I just kinda, hoped for more I guess.
  20. What the hell.

    I pretty much spend the last three weeks of my life on this hunt... And this happens... I hate timezones, I hate school.

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