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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by clllllust, Feb 11, 2008.

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  1. Feburary 29th and it is the day when Theory11 release the Special Newsletter.
  2. Only 30 more minutes until the special announcement regarding the Bicycle Centurions at 11:00pm EST...


  3. 5 more now. :)
  4. Just placed my order for a brick

  5. OH EM JEEEE!!!! It's TIME!!!

  6. Well, it looks like the hunt is over. Great job everyone who helped out, speculated and debated along the way.

    This topic will still be open for your opinions on the design, and such, and see how much further this topic can actually expand.

    Also, if you receive a deck of Centurions in the mail be sure to post it here. We all would like to congratulate and/or beat you. :)

  7. More likely the latter. :p I didn't even know about teh contest until about 30 minutes ago. :( But I do congradulate everyone that won, and I can't wait to get some of those babies. :) I wonder how long it'll be until the first edition runs out? Maybe 2 weeks like how the Guardians were. If so, I wonder how different the 2nd edition will be . . .
  8. Sorry to bring up a thread which is now relatively old, but I thought this would be the best place to post.

    Living in the UK, I have only just found out that I am "1 in 11" :D.

    Turns out I wasn't too late. Very pleasant surprise! Thanks, T11!

  9. *tracks Huruey down*


    - Sean
  10. May I ask what time you sent in your e-mail?

    I sent mine in at around 11:51 Eastern, and I know someone who received one as well and sent there submission in nearly an hour after mine. Which i find rather odd.

  11. Don't give up hope! Godspeed!
  12. I'm one among eleven.. But I had an issue with the address and I'm still waiting for my centurions :(
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