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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by clllllust, Feb 11, 2008.

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  1. I see words, but I can't read them.
  2. Yeah, I kinda see something now.. but they're too distorted to see properly.
  3. /909/EDITION. Its right above the transformers sign.
  4. Just a quick reminder that a special announcement will be posted today at 11:00pm EST regarding release information about the Bicycle Centurions.

    What is this "release information"? Be there and/or here today at 11pm EST -- 5 hours and 11 minutes from the time of this post -- on the dot to find out...

  5. JTM, this announcement will be a straight forward thread about the release, right? I mean, I won't have to find anything on hidden pages right?
  6. It will be a trailer of Dan and Dave saying that if you wish to know more, go to at 11 PM EST next Monday.

  7. Will this announcement announce the winners? :)

  8. I very much hope so. I'm rather anxious to find out.

    We'll see soon....

  9. Announce the winners for what? Is there a contest I haven't heard of? =P

  10. what do you mean by winners i know about the hidden pages hunt but what do u mean how would you be entered to the contest the person that found the pages?
  11. Here is a post I made a few days ago for those who have no idea what we're referring to:
  12. So has anyone confirmed that they've won yet? Like has t11 sent them E-Mails or anything? I know I didn't, but I'm curious as to who did.
  13. I think i was close if not IN the 11, and i havent gotten any type of confirmation yet.
  14. wen did you send your email
  15. I sent mine right now.
  16. less than an hour after the newsletter was sent out
  17. yeah, me too. Thanks to Cuso for the help too.
  18. Same here. I think it had been out for like 20 minutes. Hopefully I got in the top 11!

  19. Well you got it in about half an hour before me, and that's the earliest I've seen posted on the boards.

    So, I feel that people who got it in before noon Eastern that day have a good chance. But, you never know about the people who aren't apart of the forums.

    We will all have to wait and see.

  20. On which day, might I ask?

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