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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by clllllust, Feb 11, 2008.

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  1. to clear things up some where hidden in the last pages that were can find something very reSOURCEful that may be ADDRESSed as a contest
  2. hey don't give it away. I think, I may be the one out of eleven to found it. Thanks Cuso and how the hell you get those Centurions first!
  3. Hey everyone,

    I've seen quite a few people asking about this "contest" and I'll give you all a brief run-down of what happened yesterday but, I won't give away the clues.

    Between 11-11:15 AM EST on Friday February 29th there was a newsletter sent out by the Theory11 team. You may view it by clicking here.

    In the Newsletter was a link to the page, which was based off the clue in Richard Z's blog, for those who thought it was false, think again ;). Now this is in the newsletter at the bottom of the Centurions section which is why I'm posting it.

    From that link it leads to another page (Cerca Trova). And from the first hidden page leads to a second hidden page. In this page, an e-mail adress is hidden somewhere which you must e-mail to be entered in a draw for a certain deck of cards....I wonder which one....

    It's up to the people who haven't found it yet to find it but, the odds of you winning at this point in time could be slim-to-none.

  4. ok so just to see who has a chance who has emailed the contest
  5. i emailed in less than an hour after the newsletter email went out
  6. I didn't even bother.
  7. I think I sent mine in about 10 or 20 minutes after the newsletter arrived.

  8. If only I had woken up a little bit earlier.


    Oh well, it's not like I'll never get to have a deck of Centurions. It would have been nice to have won, though.
  9. Ok, I found 2 links. One of them revealed the exact time of the release date for these cards. They look like they are bridge sized...
  10. You're a bit behind.....
  11. Since the odds are slim to none, can you PM me with the email? Or at least tell me wher to fing it? I'm tired of cerca trovaing and plus I'm not good at it.
  12. Yeah with all those hints, I still don't find it.
    Any help would be great. Thanks.
  13. To be reSOURCEful in this contest, you should try looking in some place besides the actual page.

  14. In science, I CAN'T FIND the SOURCE of the universe. What created the universe?
  15. I found it...
  16. PM me dude.!
  17. Just keep looking...
  18. What's the point now, anyway?
  19. There is ZERO Point.

    This was found days ago,

    Trust me, there would have been many, many, many more than 11 entries.
  20. Exactly.

    Who says it has to have been someone taking part in the forums? There must have been HEAPS of other people following along.
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