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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by clllllust, Feb 11, 2008.

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  1. Alright, new goal. 111 pages!!!!!!!

    Good luck to everybody who entered. If you didn't... you'll have to wait till Monday to see what we mean.

    Cerca Trova, but Daniel's version.

    So, Cerca Trova*:p


    *Cerca Trova - the circumcision of a small rodent.
  2. 1000th reply.
  3. Heh, you sure you didn't miss that?

  4. i doubt i was in the first 11, but i tried.
  5. You had the 1000th post, he had the 1000th reply.
  6. Is t11 going to notify the eleven? Or will the Centurions just arrive?
  7. *raises hand* ^^

  8. Now that we know that you had to send an email to someone or something along those lines to be the first to get a deck of Centrions, what did you have to do? What was the page. I got the email and nothing.
    You guys are making me go crazy, it sucks enough that I couldn't enter, why keep it from me any more?
  9. You got the email?

    There was no email sent for this.

  10. What the hell? There was a contest? Why didn't I know about this. AHHGhgHgghH!!! I'm so Efing mad right now. Dem.:mad::mad::mad::mad:
  11. Hahaha! Don't worry, every one lost....

    Also, watch them feel like crap.
  12. This whole thing has now officially confused the HELL outta me.
  13. If you go to Cuso's blog, you should be able to figure out quite a bit.
  14. Wow, I can't believe this has gotten to over 100 pages and over 1,000 replies.

    I guess this will go down in Theory11 history as the first thread to do that :). That's pretty sweet.

    Thanks for contributing and speculating as much as you have, and hopefully Monday will be a good day for all of us. For now I must go to sleep,

  15. what do we do now that all contests are over? well we might have a snc today...

    get your cards and practice!
  16. Looks like im too late :(
  17. Way to late.

    We need 1111 replies people

    It's 11 in 11!

    Then..... we need to get to 1111 pages!!! Forget 111. This is our new goal!
  18. You have fun with that... just don't hurt yourself.

  19. Aww... I cut my leg off. :(:(
  20. What were the contest? Why isn't ayone answering? Goodbye. I'll be back at 5:30.
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